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How After Years Of Trying, This Woman Managed To Increase Her Pleasure In Bed

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How After Years Of Trying, This Woman Managed To Increase Her Pleasure In Bed

How After Years Of Trying, This Woman Managed To Increase Her Pleasure In Bed

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This woman’s story of being unable to achieve climax is one many can relate to. She was your typical woman: in good health, able to enjoy physical relationships, but despite her efforts she just couldn’t experience that ultimate peak of satisfaction. At the age of 34 and feeling as though she had tried everything, she took some professional advice and this is what she did.

Get Satisfaction In Bed


The ability to experience pleasure is as much mental as it is physical, so in order for this woman to be open enough to receive pleasure, she needed to be fully relaxed. Getting in that state of mind can take time, so she made sure to set aside as much time she needed into order to completely unwind and release all tension. She found that after relaxing, she was able to achieve stronger and more pleasurable sensations.

Gave Herself Permission

To help remove any mental blocks, she made an effort to reassure her mind that this was something she deserved to experience. Giving herself permission to let go really helped her mind become more receptive, which as a result made the physical pleasure more intense.

Learned From Others

Figuring out what to expect really helped her during the process. She did this by reading books, looking at pictures, and reading different accounts from others on how it might feel. Though she didn’t expect to have the same exact experience, it was helpful to get a better idea of what her objective looked and felt like. It was also encouraging to read other accounts from people who overcame her same issue.

Practiced Being More Sensual

Slowing down the pace and being more sensual brought new attention to different sensations and ways of giving herself pleasure. She tried giving attention to different areas of the body with touch and other textures to figure out what worked best for her. She was able to experiment with different amounts of pressure, eventually discovering where she liked gentle touches as opposed to more firmer ones. By doing this she was able to better assist her partner in doing what she liked.

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Tried Using Toys and a Partner

To help intensify stimulation, or experience entirely new sensations, she tried incorporating different props to help her achieve a greater amount of pleasure. These toys allowed for a longer duration of stimulation as well, since she wasn’t having to do everything manually. Also, by being with a partner she trusted, she was better able to relax while instructing him with all the new things she had learned about herself. By not having to provide all the pleasure on herself, she was able to focus on purely enjoying the sensations.

Practiced Patience

Throughout the whole process of new self discovery, one of the most important things she learned was to be patient with herself. She understood that things don’t happen overnight, and it would be unfair to have those kinds of expectations for herself. It was also important to have patience with her partner, because he also had to learn and practice all the new information he was receiving.

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Before taking these steps, she felt as though she had tried everything. As it turned out, she learned it was more about having all the right pieces coming together in harmony, and closing the gap between mind and body.

After years of trying, this woman managed to finally increase her satisfaction in the bedroom by using both physical and mental approaches.


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