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When Should You Call Your Doctor?

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When Should You Call Your Doctor?

The key to a healthy prolonged life is basically to make diet changes, be active, monitor your health, keep good habits while eliminating bad ones, and yes, keep your medical appointments, especially if you are not feeling good at all, if you are like many of us you will try to go as natural as possible, but sometimes it is necessary to see a medical point of view.

There are certain red flags, or indications that mean you need to call your doctor:

Stomach sickness

If you see blood in your stool or vomit, call your doctor right away. Diarrhea on its own is not a cause for alarm, but call your doctor if you also experience extreme lethargy, confusion, or otherwise altered mental status, lack of urine or dark and concentrated urine, which are signs of serious dehydration.


If re-hydrating or a painkiller doesn’t do the trick, it could be something more serious, such as migraines, which can prevent you from being yourself or doing productive things.

Trouble with your eyes

Blurry vision should not happen, ever. If you are experiencing drastic vision changes, its time to see your doctor.

When Should You Call Your Doctor?

Bumps and Blemishes

When unusual bumps begin to form you should be concerned as it could be a sign of a skin condition like rosacea.

Blacking Out

Blacking out is when you either pass out or lose vision temporarily. It is often followed by memory loss and could be a sign of many different problems. The most common health concerns associated with blacking out are high blood pressure or blood sugar problems.

Skin rush

The thing you may feel is a rash could actually be a skin condition that you may need to have treated.


Feeling lightheaded or dizzy can come from allergies, stress or dehydration. It could also be a symptom of a head injury or something like vertigo. If it happens regularly its better to see your doctor.
Trouble breathing
When you get winded just pushing a shopping cart, well, it’s definitely time to be concerned.

By Michelle Macluf

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