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Shiatsu Massage

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Shiatsu Massage

Over the past decade, as more people strive for a balance of mental and physical wellness, they have turned to shiatsu massage in their quest to reduce stress and improve their overall health.


Shiatsu, or finger pressure massage, sometimes called Zen shiatsu, is a Japanese form of physiotherapy. It is often described as the equivalent of acupressure, but this comparison is not entirely accurate, because the technique looks beyond specific pressure points, incorporating other methods such as stretching, breathing and rotating for a more whole-body approach to restoring energy balance. Although many of the claimed benefits have yet to be conclusively proven, advocates assert that it can work to treat many different spiritual, physical and emotional problems.

shiatsu massage

There are different types of shiatsu massage techniques that concentrate on different methods to adjust a client’s chi or qi, but the most common practice utilizes acupressure or acupuncture points. Through touch and sense, a trained shiatsu therapist can detect variances within the body even before physical symptoms may begin to appear. These subtle changes indicate that an imbalance is occurring and, with regular shiatsu sessions, a therapist can work to restore balance before physical symptoms occur or worsen.

Shiatsu massage also fortifies the weak immune system and energizes lymph and blood flow. Qualified shiatsu therapists manipulate the unstable energy channels and correct the balance, which helps protect the body from illnesses and promotes a healthy physical and mental balance. Some of the internal body systems that benefit from the massage are as follows:

• Nervous system
• Cardiovascular system
• Respiratory system
• Endocrine system
• Musculoskeletal system
• Gastrointestinal system
• Reproductive system

You can find a variety of useful videos on Youtube that demonstrate the proper ways to do Shiatsu massage for different areas of the body. Here is a video guide on how to give a Shiatsu back massage:

The neck is also one of the most important parts of the body that is usually ignored. In neck massage it’s really important to massage gently and slowly. Here is a useful video that shows how to give a Shiatsu neck massage:

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Source: Pinterest

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