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Water, The Key to Boost Your Exam Scores

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Water, The Key to Boost Your Exam Scores

Water is not only one of the best medicines for our bodies and spirits, apparently it’s wonderful for our brains too. Did you know that students who drink water before taking an exam do up to 15% better than those who do not?

Although scientists can explain the reason of why a drink of water should help, there is a strong theory supported by the University of East London that stands that information flows more freely between brain cells when they are well hydrated. The type of drink did not change the results, meaning the students’ performance could not be put down to caffeine or sugar.

Water, The Key to Boost Your Exam Scores

There are several physiological and psychological reasons that might explain this improvement with water consumption, since drinking water can also calm down the nervous system.

It is clear that students should endeavor to stay hydrated with water during exams, the simple act of bringing water into an exam was linked to an improvement in the students.


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