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The Mystery of Dong Quai

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The Mystery of Dong Quai

The Mystery of Dong Quai . Dong Quai also known as the “female ginseng” because of its tremendous benefits for both men and women, It is not as well known in the Western world, but traditional in Chinese medicine since it has been touted as a cure for infertility, hot flashes and maybe even cancer.

This amazing herb is known also as a gynecological regulator. It has the ability to balance estrogen levels, whether they are too high or too low.

Dong Quai contains vitamin B 12, folic acid, folinic acid, nicotinic acid, and biotin, converting it in the perfect blood-building remedy. It also includes derulic acid, which improves sperm quality.

The Mystery of Dong Quai

The cobalt in Dong Quai is thought to increase the hemoglobin content of your blood, perfect for treating iron deficiency and anemia, its effect on the blood and circulation also prompts healing for common skin conditions like eczema and rosacea, neurodermatitis, pruritis, hives and vitiligo.

Dong Quai is an antispasmodic that eases cramps and other symptoms of PMS, and it also helps you feel happier, reducing anxiety and mood swings, by providing calming effects on the nervous system, so its perfect for women after and during menstruation.

The Mystery of Dong Quai

Finally, this magic herb preserves your natural beauty by encouraging health from the inside out, keeping you beautiful and youthful.

The 9 Benefits of Dong Quai Almost No One is Aware Of

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