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Creative Tendencies

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Creative Tendencies

Creative Tendencies. Whenever we bring up creative efforts it seems like I hear much more of what people cannot do, or what they wish they were doing, than real efforts. I have been guilty of this myself. My sister is a fantastic painter, she is the artistic one in our family, so when I think of artistic ability or creative talent I automatically think of Jen, and how I cannot do that. I can draw stick people fairly well, that’s about it.

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If you want to be a musician, play music or sing; if you want to write, write; if you want to paint, paint. It really is that simple. I love writing, but now that I do it on a regular basis it’s a lot more like work than I ever thought it could be, don’t get me wrong, I still love it, and am eternally grateful that I get to do it, but there are days when words don’t want to come out, when no creative juices flow. I dropped out of News Writing class in high school, I was getting A & B’s on all my articles and tests, I got a C for a grade. The teacher’s reasoning was that I was capable of doing A work, so she gave me a C to encourage me to work harder, I walked out. In retrospect I think we both could have handled it better.


I think I am a solid B writer, and I am okay with that. My strengths lie in short, inspirational pieces more than news type items, I’m okay with that too. It has taken me many years to realize where my talents are and be grateful for them, along the way I have learned to look at things differently and appreciate different forms of artistic ability.

Of course there are the obvious forms; music, dance, acting, painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, pottery, photography, flower-arranging, etc. There is art in the ability to sew, to look at a piece of fabric and say, “Hey, I can make something of that!” The same thing goes for knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or any other way to ply needles and thread or yarn or fabric. Cooking can be very creative and artistic, which always reminds me of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ who stated, “There is no scope for imagination in cooking.” There is a lot of scope for imagination, but you don’t have to be a master chef. Preparing tempting, healthy, delicious meals is an art, as well as a skill, that not everyone possesses. The ability to prepare several dishes and have them come out properly cooked and ready to serve at the same time is also an art.


Planning and caring for a garden is a creative outlet; flowers, food, or both. Keeping a pleasant home is an art. There is an art to conversation, to being a good listener, to knowing what to say at the right time. The ability to build something; houses, big and small, play areas, treehouses, cupboards, a table, chairs, this is an art. There is art in being able to teach effectively, also in the ability to take something apart, fix it, and put it back together correctly. I can watch people do some of these things for hours, I am fascinated on how they make the complex simple, and how things grow underneath their hands as if by magic.

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There is some creative art in sports, taking things farther, doing things better. There is a creative art to a good minister passing on his beliefs. Making a house into a home is an art, setting a lovely table can be very creative. Take what you love and make it better, more amazing, that’s art, that is creativity at its finest.

With all these artistic outlets I simply cannot believe that anyone is not good at some of them, sometimes we just need to look at things differently and realize where our own talents lie.

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