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Dip your way to perfect arms!

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Dip your way to perfect arms!

Stop feeling embarrassed about your arms and do something about them, here is a simple solution to a common problem and it won’t take more than 5-10 minutes of your day for amazing results!  Dip your way to perfect arms, all you need is a flight of stairs, so let’s get started!

perfect arms

Sit on the second step and put your hands down by your hips, then pick up your bum and move away from the step leaving just enough clearance, so you can ‘dip’ down!

perfect arms

Come all the way down and back up again (sort of a backward pushup) start with a couple of rounds, then increase the number of times you go up and down, until you become an expert and you can lift one leg at a time while you’re doing the dips.

perfect arms


Edited 7/30/14 SCD

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