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Milk Substitutes

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Milk Substitutes

More and more people are giving up dairy, whether for health reasons or for the sake of the planet and animals, but there are many other options beside cow milk you can use as a substitute that will provide you with many more health benefits.


This type of milk is easy to find at any grocery store, and is packed with health, protein and it has less fat, no cholesterol and it is actually cheaper than dairy milk. Most soy milks are fortified, and are a comparable source of calcium. Try the organic ones.

milk substitute soymilk

Almond milk

Milk made from almonds or other nuts, such as cashew milk, which has a creamy consistency, works great for fruit smoothies and desserts, this milk is packed with the benefits and protein of the almonds and nuts, so is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and it is also really easy to make at home.

milk substitue 2

Coconut milk

This watery milk can be used in various dishes and comes packed with potassium and saturated fats, which are great for you because they contain lauric and capric acid that offer antiviral and antifungal properties.

milk substitue coconutmilk

Rice milk

It is slightly sweet and is not as thick as soy or dairy milks, it is perfect for dessert and sweet recipes, compared to the others it does have less protein, but it is still a good substitute for some specific dishes.

milk substiute 1


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