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The 13 Main Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue And Its Natural Treatment

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The 13 Main Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue And Its Natural Treatment

The 13 Main Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue And Its Natural Treatment

Adrenaline is a crucial component in your body as it helps you to respond to stressful situations. Individuals who constantly suffer from mental, physical, and emotional stress may undergo an experience of total exhaustion, which commonly referred to as adrenal fatigue. Though stress is the main cause of adrenalin fatigue, at times it brought about by a combination of poor nutrition, lack of proper sleep, and too much exercise.

The 13 Main Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue And Its Natural Treatment

13 Symptoms of Adrenalin Fatigue

  1. Irregular menstruation
  2. Insomnia
  3. Fatigue, lack energy
  4. Unexplainable weight gain
  5. Difficulties to focus
  6. Memory troubles
  7. Feeling overwhelmed
  8. Headaches
  9. Anxiousness
  10. Low libido
  11. Coffee, sugar or salt cravings
  12. Short-tempered
  13. Muscle or joint pain

Recovery requires some time, up to 2 years, depending on how bad off you are, but it’s fairly easy to do. Make sure you exercise, laugh every day, sleep in when you can, avoid people that stress you out, eat regular meals and chew them well, lie down during work breaks if possible, practice meditation, avoid junk food, take calcium and magnesium supplements, take at least 2000 mg vitamin C every day, avoid junk food, add sea salt to your diet, take a B complex supplement.

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10 Ways How To Cure Adrenalin Fatigue Naturally

Follow Adrenal Diet

Following adrenal diet means getting rid of those foods you are sensitive to and those that cause inflammation. Notably, you need to eat a lot of brightly colored vegetables, whole grain gluten-free carbs, and clean, lean protein. According to the Center for Proactive Medicine, following an adrenalin diet requires the elimination of dairy, eating carbs, and eating more vegetables. A diet with no carbs and vegetables stresses the body more, resulting in adrenal burnout.

Sleep Early

To avoid adrenal fatigue, go to bed not later than 11 pm. Most people get a second cortisol surge when they sleep after 11 pm, which in turn disrupts their sleep patterns.

Include B Vitamins in Your Adrenals

B vitamins (B6 and B5 particularly) are good for your adrenals because they are low in fat content. Besides, B12 and folate are also helpful in the production of energy.

Cool Inflammation

Using more vitamin C supplements, curcumin, and omega-3 fatty acids will lower your systemic inflammation levels making the adrenals recover.

Replace Important Nutrients

Ensure your body has enough of the important nutrients, such as selenium, vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium. These nutrients are essential components in the proper functioning of adrenalin.

Focus On Hydration

According to Dr. James Wilson of AdrenalinalFatigue.org, dehydration is a key contributing factor in adrenal fatigue. To absorb more water into your body cells, ensure to take a multi-trace mineral supplement. Similarly, add Himalayan sea salt or a fresh lemon juice to your water.

Use Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs are critical in ensuring you stay free of adrenalin fatigue. A formulation that includes ashwagandha, Rehmannia and licorice can help balance and stimulate your adrenals.

Build Rest into the Day

One of the best things you will have to help you avoid adrenalin stress is high-intensity cardio. Add Iyengar Yoga into your schedule twice a week and take two in 20-minute rest breaks each day. This remedy is essential in allowing you time out to breathe and restore the lost energy.

Change Your Perspective

Are you suffering because of your definition of success? In most cases what you perceive or consider as success could be the thing killing you from inside. You adrenal overload could be building in day by day because of not achieving what you consider as a success. It is good to internalize the idea that, “it does not need to be perfect for it to be great.” With this perspective, you are likely to make a huge difference in your adrenal overload.

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Optimize DHEA Levels

In most cases, when your adrenalin glands are out of whack, the production of DHEA in your body suffers greatly. As a result, your stress hormone, cortisol, starts to roam freely in the body affecting the way your endocrine system works. Dr. James recommends magnesium supplementation as one of the best ways to support the DHEA in your body.

With these natural remedies, you can heal your adrenalin fatigue without the need to undergo hormone replacement procedure. For many people who live through stage 1, 2, and 3 of adrenalin fatigue, it is just a matter of practicing how to balance the different aspects of your lifestyle.

This may look like a long list, but this did not build up overnight, and will not go away overnight. The time will pass anyway, may as well be living as healthy and happy as you can.

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