The Positive Side of Medicine


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“Lack of passion in life is truly a grave issue in society. I have coached people searching for their passion in life more than anyone else. Without knowing, we feel lost on this journey called life. What I am about to tell you will probably change your perception of your passion forever. Our whole life we seem to be in search of this ‘one passion’ that we think will win us fulfilment, and the concept is usually based around a career. We believe that without finding what it is, we are hopeless. Well, guess what: no one who is passionate is only passionate about one thing! I would consider myself a passionate person now, but I didn’t wait to find out what career I wanted to do in order to decide that. In all honesty, I don’t even consider educating and inspiring people a career, but a passion that flowed on from being passionate first in many other areas of life. I am passionate about being a great person, treating everyone as equals, sustaining the quality of nature, my body, my family, people in general, and so on. I have many passions in life. I didn’t just wake up one day knowing what my career was and began being a passionate person, nor did any of the vastly successful people I have met on my journey. If you don’t practise being passionate in all the other areas of your life, then you will never discover your true potential.


There is one great thing that all successes in any era have in common. It calls for no debate, it requires unconditional love and is the pinnacle of all emotions, and that is the passion for life itself. When you have passion for every part of your life, things fall into place.”
Daniel Chidiac


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