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Drink this Juice Three Times a Day, Before Each Meal to Torch Fat in No Time!

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Drink this Juice Three Times a Day, Before Each Meal to Torch Fat in No Time!

Drink this Juice Three Times a Day, Before Each Meal to Torch Fat in No Time!

Some health-oriented practitioners in many circles are saying that a green concoction of celery juice and lemon juice is a sure ticket to quick weight loss. Whether it is or not remains to be seen. However, let’s have a closer look at this rapidly growing popular trend in weight loss solutions.

The ingredients? Basically, the cocktail includes two main ingredients, celery and lemon, although there are many variations posted throughout the Internet.

While this green detox cocktail may be an innovation in western eyes, for some cultures, it’s been around a long time–like a couple thousand years or more.

The Health Benefits Of Celery In Weight Loss

Celery is what we could call a multi-purpose veggie. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, an abundance of fiber and fewer calories, about 16 calories per 100 grams, this is one veggie well suited for a weight loss regimen.

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Some Celery Qualities:

Comprised of 95 percent water, it is digested easily and affords both a hydrating and cleansing property to the body’s overall health.

Long used and known in the Ayurvedic school of medicine in India, celery leaves are commonly used in cold remedies, arthritic cures and illnesses of the liver and spleen.

Being that celery is so saturated with water, its antibacterial properties aid in the elimination of toxins and fluid retention and also in kidney transport. That being said, celery enables a quicker elimination of fats thanks in part to its diuretic and satiating properties.

The Health Benefits Of Lemons In Weight Loss

Recent research findings at Arizona State University indicate that those who eat foods that are high in Vitamins C, such as lemons, oranges and kiwi fruit, gain less weight than those who keep their intake of Vitamin C minimally low.

Some Lemon Qualities:

Known for its healing and therapeutic properties, the lemon, being rich in citric acid, when combined with the stomach’s natural digestive acids and enzymes, helps provide a problem-free digestion.

Just from its high acidic content alone, lemons help you lower the sugar absorption of the foods that you eat. Furthermore, the pectin contents in the peel help form a gel substance in your stomach that in turn lessens the sugar absorption from the food.

Green Detox Cocktail Ingredients:

Celery Stalks
Freshly Grated Lemon Rind
Fresh Lemon Juice
Filtered Water


Start by washing all produce thoroughly, preferably in salt water. Shred 400 grams of celery root. Add 67 ounces of water and shred the lemon peel. Boil in water for about 20 minutes; afterwards, allow the mixture to settle and cool for about five to six hours.

Taking the freshly juiced lemons, about 1 kilogram of lemon juice, add the juice to the mixture. Straining the mixture, keep the resulting juice in refrigerated glass bottles or jars.


Drink this juice three times a day, before meals–about 3.3 ounces at a time.


Other delicious variations are substituting fresh coconut water instead of filtered water and adding cucumbers to the celery and lemon juice blend. With a dash of salt, garlic powder and perhaps some hot sauce, you’ll find yourself drinking this mixture several times a day–whether you need to lose weight or not.

What other variations of this green cocktail can you think of to help in your new weight loss strategy?

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