Foods and Supplements for Fibromyalgia

Foods and Supplements for Fibromyalgia:

The food list for fibromyalgia was obtained from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN after my diagnosis, the list of supplements for fibromyalgia is from friends and various doctors, it’s a composite from many sources. Amounts recommended vary but I will try to help where I can.

Foods to Kick Out

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Foods to Bring In:

Foods and Supplements Guide for Fibromyalgia 2

Supplements for Fibromyalgia:



Many of the supplements vary in dosage, talk to your health care provider and start with a minimum dose, if you feel a positive difference you may increase dosage as recommended. I do not personally recommend all of the supplements listed, some of them I have not tried yet, others are rather pricey or hard to find. With FM you need to find what works for you, it will probably not be the same as what others take or that help them. I personally take prescriptions for vertigo, brain fog, anxiety, pain, tremors, and muscle spasms. I take supplements to increase energy, protect my stomach and digestive system, and for pain. I also take over the counter pain medications, it’s a defining symptom for me.

Please let me know if I can offer you any advice or help, or an ear, thank you.

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