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Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

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Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer's

Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

These days you must consider yourself to be very fortunate if you can say that Alzheimer’s disease has not impacted your family or someone you know family member. It is always best to detect this disease in an early stage to stop the fast progression of it!

1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life
Memory loss is the most common signs of Alzheimer’s. This is especially so if men and women forget things that happened very recently, which can negatively impact their lives.

2. Difficulty Planning
Some people might start having difficulties following a plan or working with numbers, following a recipe or paying the monthly bills.This is a very important sign that you should watch out for.

3. Difficulty Completing Familiar Tasks
Daily tasks driving, remembering rules to a game are difficult fork people with Alzheimer’s

4. Disorientation, Time and or place
We all have our days of not remembering momentarily what date is it, however for people with Alzheimer’s these episodes are not momentarily!!! They might even be on their own street and forget which house they live in!!!

5. Trouble Understanding Images And Spatial Relationships
Some people with Alzheimer’s have difficulty reading, judging distance or determining color or contrast. They might not even realize that it’s them in the mirror.

6. Problems With Words Speaking And Writing
People with Alzheimer’s might have problem holding or joining a conversation. They might stop in the middle of a conversation and have no idea how to continue.

7. Misplacing Things
People with Alzheimer’s might put things in unusual places and then experience difficulty retracing their steps to find items.

8. Decreased Or Poor Judgement
Poor Judgement, such as not visiting the doctor or mishandling their finances os also a sign amongst other things.

9. Withdrawal from society.
Men and women with Alzheimer’s might start to withdraw from society, removing themselves from social activities, projects at work or hobbies.

10. Changes in mood and personality.
People with Alzheimer’s might experience mood swings for no apparent reason and can become anxious, confused, depressed, fearful, or suspicious.

This is an excellent poster, all the early warning signs that we may think of as normal aging, it’s not normal… I hope you find these helpful!

Edited By: Ellie Aug 1st 2014

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