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Holiday Stress

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Holiday Stress

No matter how much you love the holiday season, it is indeed stressful. There are financial concerns, weight gain concerns, family drama, crowded stores, and high expectations for the “perfect” holiday get together. It’s more important than ever to take care of yourself during this busy season.

If you have been trying to eat healthier this is not the right time to stop. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen counter or dining room table, keep a container of fresh cut-up vegetables in your refrigerator, if you are going to a pot luck bring a healthy dish to pass so you know what’s in at least one food item. Limit alcohol intake. Try different foods, try just a spoonful and savor every bite. Make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

Meditate. Spend at least a few minutes alone every day and get yourself on track, and keep yourself on track. When you are taking care of everything you need to make sure you are also taking care of you. Make your emotional well being a priority, you deserve that.


Set a realistic holiday budget and try very hard to stick to it. Give of your time as well as your pocketbook. Bake gifts for people, or make a collection of ornaments as gifts. Your children may expect everything on their list, but for most of us that is just not realistic. The memories of baking and making gifts together will also stick with them, helping out at a shelter for a day is a great way to show your children how many people are worse off than they are and to show them compassion from the source. Giving is the ultimate stress reliever, especially when it comes from your heart and your time.

Keep exercising. Exercise is great for stress relief, and it will also help keep those holiday pounds from creeping on. This is part of your “me time” and is essential for your sense of well being.

Keep lists! A list of foods you need from the store, a realistic list of what you need to get done each day, like decorate, bake, include your exercise and meditation time on this list, you deserve the best from yourself.

Remember, the holiday season is about sharing time with the ones you love. Bring out a board game or a deck of cards. Enjoy your time with them, that is how the best memories are made.




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