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Blind Dog Rescue That Will Blow Your Mind

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Blind Dog Rescue That Will Blow Your Mind

Blind Dog Rescue That Will Blow Your Mind

This is a sweet and heartwarming story of a blind dog found living in the trash. The condition of this poor blind dog was so sad and she was living in the trash without food and water. I can’t even imagine how she survived in this condition. Unfortunately, many dog breeders and dog owners abandon their dogs as soon as these poor creatures have some health issues. Fortunately for this sweet dog, she was rescued, cleaned up and even her eyesight was recovered. She now has a name: her name is Fiona. She was rescued by Hope For Paws organization. Hope for Paws is a 501 C-3 non-profit animal rescue organization, based in Los Angeles, California that rescues abandoned dogs and all other animals who are suffering on the streets and in the shelters.

Take a look at the pictures taken before and after this dog rescue to see how these angels saved her life:

Here is a very touching video about Fiona. It breaks my heart and I keep crying when I watch the video:

Fiona is so famous now that she’s been to several TV shows including Anderson Cooper’s show.

[Last Updated on June 10th 2014]

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