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Fancy Date Ideas for Your Posh Valentine’s Day

Fancy Date Ideas for Your Posh Valentine's Day

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We’ve all been there. Whether you’re single or coupled, everyone is about to be troubled on Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, as long as you’re single, all you have to do is grumble. As soon as you get yourself an amazing S.O., organizing Valentine’s Day becomes a real challenge. Don’t worry though! This time you are fully covered. We’ve prepared a deluxe list of creative ideas to save you from ruining this day like last year. Mind that ‘creative’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘complicated’ or ‘expensive’! That’s absolutely not the right definition. Trust us and let’s see what the future brings for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Forget the traditional and let’s ride with our creative list! 

Fancy Date Ideas for Your Posh Valentine's Day

1. Take a class – dancing, cocktail, sushi making.

Right… You were thinking rather about leisure time, weren’t you? Valentine’s Day is not going to be a free evening anyway, so why not spend it on doing something fruitful? Something that remains and levels you up? Just think about it. You’ll go through a lesson together and get to know another weak and strong points of your duo. You’ll most probably go out of the course with a piece of new knowledge. Is there anything better than this?

2. A poetry night or art exhibition

There are things you’re not used to doing daily. Let’s face the truth, not even once a week. But Valentine’s Day is a 100% freedom and fun evening, and it’s exceptionally open to the novelty and creativity. It’s all about waking up excitement and passion in a relationship. Say hello to once forgotten love for arts, go and meet new people, have fun talking about things you have no idea about. Be open-minded! P.S. This option involves karaoke or any other type of drunk performing, as well.

3. Dark dinner.

We’ve all heard about it more than once. We bet you have never really taken it seriously, though. If there is any place that business meetings never take place or where friends never really hang out, it’s there, in dark restaurants. Let’s assess the situation – you have no idea who serves your food, where the food is, or even what’s there to eat. Still, it has been a pretty trendy place for dates, for more than a few years already. Do yourself a favor and check out this place. This kind of restaurant is both adventurous and risky, so it’s another kinky way to test the way the two of you handle stressful improvised circumstances.  

4. Pay a visit to the local botanical garden.

We know that it seems more traditional than creative, but you know what? It’s not! The thing is, Valentine’s Day takes place in the middle of the winter. Why bother buying (or receiving) a bunch of boring red roses, if you can see all the possible exotic gardens coming from the whole world in one place, during the season, when every other greenish being was dramatically cut down by the frost? Have yourself a breathtaking floral backdrop on Valentine’s Day. Pump up your imagination about the upcoming holidays! 

5. Prepare your very own beer.

Never thought about it, have you? Normally, you would go for wine or champagne. But since we’re all in with creative options, let’s have what we like most! Unless you actually hate these kinds of soft drinks, then you better stay with vodka. If there’s a preference for the two of you to make your own beer at a local brewery and take your own batch home, don’t think twice and go for it! Seen this way, Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem boring and kitschy at all. 

6. Rent an Airbnb cabin.

This option is similar to the actual trip, but in this case, you don’t really have to go anywhere. Remind yourself the craziest renting caprice, and find an amazing cabin or crazy Airbnb in your town! It will stimulate your imagination to the fullest. Also, this way you’re gonna remove yourself from the day-to-day grind. What can you do later? It depends on you. You can both disappear under the sheets or surprise your S.O. with a unique stargazing night option. 

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