A South Dakota Woman Went To The Hospital For Kidney Stones And Gave Birth To Triplets

Women’s Health magazine reported that the 34-year-old underwent a C-section that evening. Giltz really thought that kidney stone surgery was going to happen.

She’s still baffled about the triplets. She and her husband Austin Giltz couldn’t figure out how triplets could be conceived naturally. More stunning is that the mom had no idea she was pregnant even at 34 weeks.

The family is overjoyed and overwhelmed. Papa Giltz says “It’s still exploding in my head.” To go from thinking his wife had kidney stones to a woman that gave birth to triplets is spectacular. For one thing, she never experienced morning sickness. Also, she never felt the babies kicking.

Newsweek reported that the actual labor only took four minutes, and boom, the Giltz triplets had arrived in the world.

Their small South Dakota town has been a wonderful community of support. Residents there have donated a lot of supplies to help the new family of seven adjust. Dannette and Austin Giltz are extremely touched by everyone’s kindness and generosity.