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Pansexuality Meaning And Definition – What Is Pansexual?


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As more and more celebrities have come out to say they are pansexual, such as Bella Thorne and Miley Cyrus, the word has been used much more than normal. Because of this, it is very important that the public understands the difference between the various LGBTQ+ identities. One of the most important facts to remember is that if you are wondering about the pansexuality meaning and definition of the word, it is not synonymous with bisexuality.

Pansexuality Meaning And Definition - What Is Pansexual?

If you identify as being pansexual, there are typically similarities that could lead you to think you are bi. Bisexuality means that you are typically attracted to more than just one gender, whether it is female, male, trans, or non-binary. Pansexuals, or “pans,” generally do not “see” gender. Yes, this can be hard to understand, but please bear with us for a minute. There is a reason that pans and bisexuality are not combined into one lump term.

Many pansexuals often use the term bisexual when asked about their orientation, simply because that term seems to be easier for many people to understand. However, according to one pan lady, she is attracted to any configuration of “hardware, identity, and presentation.”

Pansexuals are not only attracted to people based on that individual’s personality, however. Many pansexuals may still be shallow when it comes to another person’s looks. The word “pan” actually refers to sexuality and who you are attracted to. Pans tend to fall for a person’s energy, no matter which gender they identify as.

A pans person is also not “confused,” as so many people like to think. This is a common misconception among the straight world. Most humans know who they are attracted to from a young age. Just because their attraction may be considered different doesn’t mean they are confused about their identity. As an aside, pansexuals aren’t attracted to frying pans. It is a joke that just isn’t funny, so don’t make it.

Is it beginning to come together for you? Pansexuality may also be called omnisexuality. Simply put, a pans person can have a sexual, emotional, or romantic attraction to anyone. It doesn’t matter what their sex or gender identity is. Many pansexuals explain that they see themselves as “gender-blind.” This means that gender and sex are never factors when it comes to their romantic relationships with others.


Some pans switch between the word pansexual and bisexual simply depending on the audience they are speaking to. For example, you may not want to get into your orientation if you are talking about it at the water cooler at work. But if you are at a party with peers of your own age and interests, then you may feel more comfortable explaining the pansexuality meaning and definition of the word.

No one chooses who they are attracted to. Please keep this in mind if you are ever talking to someone who identifies in this way, or if you identify as pans. You are who you are for a very good reason.

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