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Making the Switch from Antidepressants to Cannabidiol (CBD)


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Depression is a common mental condition that can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life. Cases of depression are on the rise, with most people failing to seek medical attention for the condition. Due to the proof that CBD can help mitigate depression symptoms among other illnesses, many people question as to whether you can substitute antidepressants with CBD, or take the two simultaneously. First, let us take a look at what CBD is. 

Making the Switch from Antidepressants to Cannabidiol (CBD)

What is CBD? 

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol. It is extracted from the cannabis plant or hemp plant. CBD has been proven to reduce cases of anxiety and depression. It is a good option as it does not contain the compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which makes people high and could worsen depression symptoms. Medics say that it could even be more effective than the usual antidepressants in reducing the effects of depression. CBD comes in a variety of forms. There are CBD oils which you can place under the tongue with a dropper, and the CBD gets absorbed into your system. The best type of CBD intake is the CBD from the hemp flower.

CBD from the hemp flower is beneficial because it is unprocessed and also contains very minimal THC. There are also CBD edibles such as gums. Another common way to get a dose of CBD is by smoking or vaping. Vaping and smoking are, however, considered to be an unsafe way to ingest CBD due to the potential damage it can cause to lung tissues. 

Another way to ingest CBD is to use CBD skin or transdermal patches. You place a patch on the skin, and the body heat activates it to release small doses of CBD over time, which makes it easy to avoid CBD overdose. You can also add CBD to your regular food or beverage to draw from its benefits. 

Benefits of CBD over antidepressants 

Compared to antidepressant medications, CBD seems to be taking the lead. First, CBD reduces depression effects almost immediately and sustainably while antidepressants can take even weeks to start registering some effects. Secondly, antidepressants have a wide range of side effects, including irritability, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction. With the use of CBD, there are fewer side effects. So far, research has not identified any long-term effects of CBD use. To be safe, always talk to a qualified practitioner before trying any CBD product. 

How to use CBD if you are on antidepressants 

Antidepressants are certain types of medication given to patients to help treat depression, anxiety, and other medical problems. However, many people find antidepressants partially effective in helping them to deal with depression. Many questions, therefore, revolve around the switch from using antidepressants to using CBD. Some even wonder whether you can use the two together. 

While there isn’t enough proof that the use of CBD and antidepressants together causes significant harm, there is proof that CBD interferes with other medications. CBD can affect the effectiveness of drugs by inhibiting its successful metabolism in the body. Lack of successful metabolism increases the level of the mediation in the body, which worsens side effects. 

Substituting antidepressants with CBD 

Rather than trying to use the two medications together, it is better to start using CBD entirely. The switch, however, is not clear cut, and there are several factors you need to consider before you do away with your antidepressants. 


How to ditch antidepressant for CBD 

Making a sudden switch to using CBD while you were previously on medication could do you more harm than good. An abrupt transition can result in withdrawal symptoms, which worsen depression. The worsening of symptoms also depends on how long you have been taking the drugs, and the strength of your dosage. The transition needs to be gradual. Make an appointment with your doctor who will guide you on how to slowly decrease your depressant intake, one medication at a time. 

Do not underestimate the importance of close monitoring by a physician when you want to make the switch from antidepressants to CBD. Being that there is little regulation around CBD sale and usage, it is crucial to find quality CBD products. You can use reviews and do a little research before settling for an alternative medication.

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