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Natural Ways to Prevent and Manage Your Oily Hair

Natural Ways to Prevent and Manage Your Oily Hair.

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Oily hair can be compared to oily skin, and it can be challenging to manage. Ladies who have oily hair know the struggles they face as they always try to make their hair less greasy. If you feel that your hair is too oily, here are thirteen methods you can implement to keep it under control.

Natural Ways to Prevent and Manage Your Oily Hair.

Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo sucks up the oil from the roots which make your hair appear less oily. Additionally, the dry shampoo adds volume to the hair. The dry shampoo also absorbs odors from the hair which are due to over-production of oil. You can also add baby powder to the shampoo. If your hair is too black and applying baby powder causes a white cast, mix the baby powder with cocoa. After washing it is advisable not to use conditioners. However, if it is a must use it only on the ends and shafts do not apply it on top.

Use alcohol and apple cider vinegar

Any beverage that has alcohol has a drying effect. The higher the alcohol content, the more effective it will be. Mix a full glass of alcohol with a few glasses of water then rinses your hair. The other homemade remedy that you can use is a full basin of water a quarter cup of cider vinegar or put the vinegar in a spray bottle then wash out the cider vinegar with warm water. This controls the foul shampoo buildup.

Wash your hair less often

This might sound counterintuitive, but it is the right thing that one should do. If the scalp is continuously stripped of oils, it is forced to replace the oils faster. This makes one’s hair more oily and shorter than necessary.

Don’t touch your hair

If you have a habit of touching your hair, you should stop it if you want to have a less oily hair. The more contact your hands have with your hair, the scalp produces the more oils. You should pin your hair to ensure that it does not block your eyes to avoid touching it. You are not supposed to have a fringe because it will get oily easily.

Avoid straitening your hair

The more your hair lies close to your head, the oilier it will become. It is advisable to have a curled hair because it helps one avoid direct contact and gives more volume to the roots.

Balance hair brushing

You should avoid under and over brushing because both have an adverse effect on your hair. If you underbrush your hair, the natural oils are not distributed rightfully which leads to build up in the scalp. On the flip side, overbrushing stimulates oil production. Hence, there is a need to ensure that there is a healthy balance when brushing your hair.

Eat a healthy diet

The same way diet plays a role in your skin; it can affect your hair as well. Thus, if you want to reduce the oily effect of your hair stick to vegetables and fruits and avoid fried foods, sugar, and dairy products which contribute to excess sebum production.

Use a wide tooth comb

Using a regular brush will distribute your hair oil. However, using a wide-tooth comp prevents the oils from spreading. If you must use a brush, it is advisable to use a boar-bristle brush because it prevents oil buildup in the scalp.

Oil control hair mask

You can keep the oiliness in check by applying homemade hair mask. You can use aloe vera, egg, henna hair or fenugreek mask. All these masks help to balance oil production, add shine, hair volume and keep the hair healthy. If you are using DIY treatments or herbs, it is advisable to try one at a time and choose the one that works for you.

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Use herbal hair rinse

Herbal hair rinse is sufficient for those who live in a humid climate. If you live in a humid climate, you can avoid using shampoo and use the herbal hair rinse. This is because it nourishes your scalp and hair. Also, when you use the right herbs, they keep the oils in check and add body, bounce, and luster to your hair.

Rinse your hair with cold water

After using the dry shampoo use cold water to rinse your hair. Hot water stimulated the glands to produce sebum while cold water shuts them down. Also, cold water reduces damage to your hair and closes your cuticle.

Allow your hair to dry naturally

Allowing your hair to dry naturally ensures that the heat is kept to a minimum. The hot air that is produced from the drier stimulates oil production.

Choose products wisely

Always avoid products that add extra shine. Shine means that the product is enhanced with oil. Instead, look for products which have volumizing properties. Such products contain less oil.

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