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Top 10 Best-Rated Memory Foam Mattresses in The Market

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Top 10 Best-Rated Memory Foam Mattresses in The Market

Have you decided to get yourself the best quality memory foam mattress? Here we reviewed the top 10 best-rated memory foam mattresses. Cheers, that is a wise choice. You are selecting one of the most comfortable and popular materials when it comes to mattresses.

What is a memory foam mattress?

It has not been in the market for long, and it is therefore, reasonable to ask yourself this question when you are about to buy a mattress. In simple words, it is manufactured using viscoelastic foam and usually consists of a design that is three-layered as follows;

1. Comfort layer: It is the top layer made of materials that are special which mold to the shape of the body when it gets in contact with body heat and relives from any pressure.

2. Support layer: This is the second layer that is more rigid. This ensures that the shape of the mattress does not change as it supports the thinner and softer comfort layer.

3. Base layer: It is the most rigid and thickest layer. It supports the other two layers.

It is also likely to have sub-layers for each. It depends on the manufacturer, innovation, and design. However, that is the typical structure of a memory foam mattress.

Now you are familiar with the design. What about the components and materials? You will get this answer in two essential components: a polyurethane foam core layer and a polyurethane memory foam layer. You will find a kind of fabric that is used to wrap the layers. There is a flame proof to agree with federal safety laws.

Some brands of these materials also have gel-infused or gel foam. It may also have other materials such as latex foam to make them bouncy and cool.

In this roundup, the 10 best-rated memory foam mattresses of 2017 have been tested and selected. The products have been evaluated based on quality material, support, comfort, company reputation, and cooling. You can rest assured that your sleep will improve and that the mattress will serve you for many years.

Use this list as the starting point to get the best memory foam mattress for you.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress a medium-firm, yet a comfortable memory foam mattress. It is especially best suited for side sleepers who look for a firmer support but with extra padding on top to give more comfort.

It is also good for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers.

If you are looking for a ‘sink in’ or lush padding or latex feel, look elsewhere.

It has a very long trial period-365 days and comes at a greater price.

4 reasons to buy it

• Many reviewers applauded its firmness and the great support.
• Reviewers appreciated its long Trial Period of 365 days and the warranty of ‘forever.’
• It was found by many to be good for couples with least motion transfer.
• Reviewers enjoyed free shipping and returns.

3 reasons not to buy it

• In the first 24 hours, there is some off gassing smell.
• Many reviewers noted that it has very minimal amount of bounce.
• Others said that when compared with other types of mattresses that are pillow top it is not as plush as them.

The bottom line

Broadly, the nectar mattress can compete with the luxury mattresses that are more expensive. This is the best fit for those want a mattress on the firmer side. It is also ideal for those looking for support and comfort at a price that is affordable. For couples, this is the best choice due to its motion transfer and the edge support.

Nolah Mattress

The Nolah mattress has been designed in their own material called Nolah AirFoam. They saturate this foam with a plethora of billions of air pockets that are tiny to support cooling. Each tiny air pocket can also work as an individual shock absorber. The air pockets also distribute the weight evenly.

It is a soft and comfortable mattress that can absorb and hold most of the heat.

It also addresses issues such as slow responsiveness and sleeping hot. Sleep and health are very important; Nolah designed it in a special way.

Reasons to buy it

• Reviewers noted that the mattress does not much heat as compared to other foam mattresses.
• Others observed that it is more durable and stronger than Latex.
• It is more bouncy and cooler than other foam mattresses.
• When buying, it can protect wild animals.
• Their warranty is above the industry standard.

Reasons not to buy it

• It is not extremely firm as compared to other foam mattresses.
• There are better mattresses at the same price.

Final verdict

Nolah mattress is among the best mattresses if not the best foam mattresses that are in the today. The technology of air flow distinguishes it from other foam mattresses. It is soft, comfortable with enough bounce. The Nolah mattress obeys every inch of your body as it takes pressure off of the places that require it most. You get a cool, restful, and sound sleep. You wake up in the morning energized and refreshed.

Bear Mattress

When it comes to memory foam mattresses bear is a great addition. It designed specifically to address the needs of athletes. The technology of Cellian used is the focus of Bear and secret of being cool when you are sleeping.

This mattress is designed specifically for athletes and active people. It can also attend the needs of those looking for a sleep that is restful.

It uses a Gel memory that is of Super Cool Graphite, which is seven times cooler than regular memory foam. The Cellian technology is outstanding in retaining heat, pressure relief, and air flow.

Reasons to buy it

• It is an affordable choice for a memory foam mattress.
• The combination of Cellian technology and gel makes it sleep cool all night.
• The users applauded it for its excellent pressure relief.
• It is a right bounce for mattress.

Reasons not to buy it

• Many reviewers didn’t like the fact that its cover cannot be removed.
• When compared to latex mattresses, its level of bounce is lower.
• There are only four sizes that are available to choose from.

The bottom line

Speaking about the quality and the comfort of a mattress, Bear Mattress is a great choice, especially for lovers of memory foam. The Celliant technology is fascinating and this is the only mattress at that price point that targets athletes and active individuals.

Eve Mattress

This is a medium feeling mattress. It is very friendly if you have a back pain or you are back sleeper but it is not good for side sleepers. Eve mattress is welcoming to young people since it has a bright yellow colour.

The reasons to buy it

• Has a bright colour thus attract young people.
• It is a proven brand with a big success in the market.
• Eve has high resilience and best of luxury memory foam that is, it gives you coolness, comfort, and bounce.

The reasons not to buy it

• It is expensive compared with similar products.
• It has an average warranty.
• It has excessive off-gassing.

Final verdict

Overall, Eve mattress is a good option if you are a back sleeper. It provides support and relieves pressure on your weaker joints because it is a medium firm mattress. It also allows free flow of air that ensures hot air does not get trapped around your body and also keeps off unwanted moisture and excess heat. Although its major setback is the smell, but this has mattress has many positive qualities that make it worth if you can consider it.

The Dromma Bed

The Dromma mattress is a 12 inches gel, memory, and latex foam mattress made of three layers. This mattress comes in two levels of firmness medium firm and medium soft. This makes it different from most comfort models on the market.

Reasons to buy it

• It scores highly especially on temperature control and comfort
• It has two levels of firmness that caters for a wide range of sleepers.
• It is bio-friendly foam. For those who care about the environment, they can sleep well on this one.
• Its ventilated construction and choice of materials do their job well.

Reasons not to buy it

•It is not suitable for stomach or back sleepers.
• Sinking sometimes happens especially for those carry much weight.
• For the medium-firm they are bouncy. For couples that wake each other at night, this may not be the best choice.

The final verdict

Looking at the customer reviews online, you will find that no Dromma customers have wrong things to say about the mattress. It is supportive, comfortable, and all round good.

It is an affordable mattress especially considering its 200-trial, bio-friendly materials, 12-year warranty, choice of comfort, and its excellent performance.

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In its price range, no mattress can offer as much value for the money you have. Certainly, make it one for your short list!

Ghostbed mattress

This is as durable amalgamated mattresses that can cater your needs, irrespective of your sleeping position. It is designed by use of a second gel memory foam layer and a top latex foam layer. This facilitates blood circulation and enough air flow that offers a cooling and comforting sleeping experience. You should also note that gel memory foam layer is used as temperature sensitive material. That is you may feel it to be extra soft in humid weather while in frigid weather it becomes firmer.

The reasons to buy it

• Cover can be removed and washed by machine.
• You sleep cool all night.
• It last longer than usual.
• Enhance sleeping experience due to the combination of gel memory and latex foam.

Reason not to buy it

• A little firmer than an average for side sleepers.

Final verdict

To sum up about ghostbed mattress, it is a product of good quality for a mid-range price shopper even when you compare it with other online mattress companies. Therefore, if you are looking for a good hybrid mattress that is not extra soft or firm, then you can try this type of mattress.

Luxi Mattress

It is a plush mattress that provides the customer with a wide range of benefits and features. It is affordable, comfortable, and attractive.

This mattress is very unique since it has a customization that allows it to adjust each side individually. It is the only mattress with this feature in the market. It has SBT Foam Technology and four layers of multi foam contour and comfort. It is becoming the most popular mattress in the market for customers seeking multi-firmness, conforming, and contouring foam mattresses at a price that is affordable.

Reasons to buy this mattress

• It has a feature of Flip-It and Split-It.
• It has an innovative Support Balancing technology.
• It has an adjustability of 3-In-1 Firmness
• Sleep trial of 1000 Night risk-free.

Reasons not to buy it

• Some off-gassing
• The edge of the bed support comes with sink age that is noticeable.

The bottom line

This mattress consists of four layers that are separate. Three of them can be swapped to adjust the firmness. The mattress provides exceptional pressure relief and compression support. It sleeps cool and contains no off-putting smell when new. The 1000 trial of night sleep is unheard of. No other mattress has such long period of trial.

Eight Smart Mattress (Jupiter Plus)

This mattress offers customers an affordable, innovative luxury mattress with features that make your sleeping experience relaxing and comfortable. It will also give you a tracking report that will analyse the quality of your sleep each night.  Its’ unique sleep tracking technology together with the quality construction makes it to be above other mattresses in the market.

The reasons to buy it

• Great value for your money.
• Smart mattress with advanced sleep tracking technology.
• Good responsiveness and memory foam.
• 100-night risk-free sleep trial.

The reasons not to buy it

• The warrant is not good.
• Comes with one firmness level.

Final recommendation

Overall, the Eight Smart Mattress is a good choice if you need a good mattress.  It has advanced technological characteristic that works separately and you can apply them on other mattresses. This is a flexible designed mattress packed with unique metrics and smart interactions, compared to other smart mattresses in the market. So you can try it.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa mattress is different from Ghostbed in that they do not use latex as the top layer. This increases its bouncy. They use a unique design of foam called avena foam which is a combination of latex and memory foam. It offers both bouncy and comfort.

The mattress is suitable for everyone since it is neither too soft nor too firm.

The reasons to buy it

• Some reviewers report that their back pain is not there anymore after sleeping on this mattress.
• It is very friendly for medium the medium sized individuals. It also suitable for stomach sleepers and back sleepers.
• Many reviewers applauded its avena foam which offers support and cooling.

Reasons not to buy it

• Its price is not competitive
• Its cover is not removable
• For side sleepers, it may be too firm

Many customers have noted that it retains much heat and produces a chemical like smell that will last for a couple of days.

Final Verdict

The Leesa mattress is a medium-firm luxury mattress that provides great comfort and is fit for back sleepers. Despite of its drawbacks, if firmness, comfort, and value are important to you, then Leesa is a perfect mattress that you can try.

Zotto Mattress

It is a 10 inches mattress that does not use latex. When you need a memory foam mattress that is pure, give it a try.

The top layer is constructed of a quality copper gel infused memory foam. This offers medicinal relief for pains and aches. It also acts as an anti-bacterial and antiviral agent to facilitate a high resistance to illnesses.

Reasons why should buy it

• Customers appreciated its comfort, and it felt like sleeping on the cloud.
• It is one of the coolest mattresses with a cool flow memory foam and gel memory foam design
• It is softer than mattresses that have medium feeling and good for side sleepers.

Reasons not to buy it

• It is not suitable for those who want firm feelings.

Final Verdict

Zotto mattress has been exceptionally well made. It is comfortable and it has a reasonable price as compared to its competitors. It has solved some of the kinks in the foam mattress market. If you want to invest in a quality product, give it a try, and it will give a solid sleep.


To summarise the above extensive review, there are many advantages that will come when you choose to buy a memory foam mattress.

Certainly, it is important to remember some tips such as individual preferences in relation to factors like layer height, overall thickness, gel formulation, firmness level, and IFD rating.

The mattresses mentioned above are healthy and of high quality. We recommend them due to their affordable price-quality relevance.

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