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8 Little Things You Do That Men Notice Even if They Don’t Say It

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8 Little Things You Do That Men Notice Even if They Don’t Say It

8 Little Things You Do That Men Notice Even if They Don’t Say It

Men aren’t always good at expressing emotion. That often makes it difficult to tell if he truly appreciates all the things that you’re doing for him. If you’re looking to remind him of how much he’s loved and see that appreciative glitter in his eyes, check out these eight pieces of relationship advice.

8 Little Things You Do That Men Notice Even if They Dont Say It

1. Get up early and pack his lunch for him. It’s a little thing that packs a big punch. Not only does he recognize the sacrifice that morning, he’ll carry the reminder with him all day long.

2. Really focus on him when you’re together. Put down your phone, set your book aside, and take the time to listen to what he has to say. A man who feels as though the special woman in his life is really listening to him feels appreciated and more deeply loved.

3. Take care of him. If you get up to grab a drink, get him one, too. Taking your plate back to the kitchen? Take his, too. These are small things that don’t take much effort, but that he’ll really appreciate in the long run.
4. Tell him he’s appreciated. Many relationship therapy sessions hinge on men needing to hear that they are appreciated. Tell him all the things that you love and appreciate about him. Notice when he does something nice for you or for the family. Just knowing that you’re paying attention can go a long way.
5. Make time for him to spend with his friends. It’s easy to monopolize all of his time, especially if you have young children at home. By making time for him to spend with his friends, you give him the opportunity to decompress and make it easier for him to relax–and he’ll appreciate the effort.
6. Cook for him. No, you don’t have to have a hot meal waiting on the table when your guy comes home from work; but knowing that you’ve put in the effort to make a meal for him will make him feel loved.
7. Let him help. Many men love to feel needed, and letting him know that you need him will make him feel safer and more secure in your relationship.
8. Don’t share every bad thought you have about your relationship with your girlfriends. If you accept only one piece of relationship advice, let it be this one: your girlfriends don’t have to know everything. While talking to your girlfriends can be a healthy way to let off steam, they often jump quickly on the “anti-guy” train, telling you all the reasons why “he shouldn’t treat you like that” and “you deserve better.” Instead of calling a friend the moment you have a spat, take the time to cool off and remember all the reasons you love each other. He’ll appreciate it more than you know.
The best relationship therapy you’ll ever get is watching your man smile when you do something special for him. He may not say much, you’ll feel it in his kiss and see it in his eyes: he likes it when you make him feel special.

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