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Proved: THIS Thing Will Deepen Your Physical Connection

Proved THIS Thing Will Deepen Your Physical Connection

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For most couples, it is important to have a deep, physical connection with each other. Both the emotional and the physical aspects of a relationship can help to encourage closeness and trust. However, relationship researchers have found that one extremely important thing is missing from many couples’ lives. The Kinsey Institute has found that 87 percent of all men and women desire this one thing.

The thing that helps to build a strong relationship is actually physical touch not due to lovemaking. This means things like hugs, cuddles, and even just a pat on the arm. Each time a couple touches each other, they are strengthening their bond. Though lovemaking also strengthens a relationship, it can be bad if that is the only reason for touching. Non-suggestive touching is important because it lets your partner know that you value them for things besides lovemaking.

Sadly, the study discovered that 87 percent of people were not getting touched enough by a partner. People were able to easily solve conflicts with physical affection, but many couples did not do this. If a couple does not have contact outside of lovemaking, their relationship could suffer. Without this important benefit, people felt ignored and unloved by their partner.

Many psychologists believe that physical contact is even more important than verbal or emotional contact. For example, a 2010 study by Gallace and Spence found that it had an actual physical effect. Women who regularly hugged their partner had lowered blood pressure and heart rates. This happens because physical touch so strongly boosts feelings of relaxation and comfort.

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Fortunately, it is very easy to add this type of physical touch to your relationship. Even small changes make a big difference. When you touch your partner, you are letting them know that you love and trust them. Without even saying words, it communicates so much to your partner. Try out one of these three tips to strengthen your relationship through touch:

Give a Long Massage – This type of shared touching helps you to appreciate your partner in a natural setting. Set the mood with soft lighting and music, and let your partner lay down. As you massage them, they will get the benefit of reduced stress and increased comfort. You do not need to be a professional masseuse to do this. The goal is not to actually manipulate muscles and joints. Instead, simple light touches are enough to build your bond with your partner.

Cuddle Often – Whenever possible, take the time to cuddle with your partner. Of course, you can do this while watching television or reading a book. However, research finds it is most effective when there are no other distractions. When you take the time to just relax and cuddle, you build a very deep emotional and physical connection with your partner. Instead of being busy with something else, focus on talking and sharing with your partner. When you are connecting on both a physical and mental level, you really strengthen your relationship.

Pamper Your Partner – During most times of cuddling, both partners are getting enjoyment. It turns out that physical contact can be even more beneficial when you take turns. Try giving your partner a foot rub or playing with their hair. Let them just relax and enjoy being touched without any sort of lovemaking demands. This type of touch does not need to be as long as a message. However, it promotes the same sensations of enjoyment and trust. This sort of selfless comforting helps your partner to feel very valued and important.

To get these fantastic benefits from physical touch, you should take the time to try the above methods of a physical connection. They can help to strengthen your relationship and make you and your partner more content. A lot of people are missing out on physical touch, but it can be extremely beneficial in a relationship. Just ten minutes of touch a day can make a huge difference.

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