Psoriatic Arthritis: 7 Stretches for Healthy Joints

Psoriatic Arthritis: 7 Stretches for Healthy Joints

Psoriatic Arthritis: 7 Stretches for Healthy Joints

Up to one third of people who suffer from psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis as well. This causes pain, swelling, and in and around the joints. While this can develop at any point, it is most likely to appear during your 30s or 40s. Several factors may play a role in one’s development of psoriatic arthritis, including genes, environmental factors, and the immune system.

Psoriatic Arthritis- 7 Stretches for Healthy Joints

Delaying treatment of psoriatic arthritis for as few as six months may result in permanent damage to the joints. Recognizing the disorder early and treating it properly are both critical factors to relieving the pain and preventing joint damage. Exercise is an important part of managing psoriatic arthritis. Physical activity can help to keep the joints loose and pain-free, while also helping you to remain strong and flexible. Here are seven stretches for healthy joints.

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1. Stretch your hands.

Beginning training with a physical therapist is important so you can learn your limits on stretching and be certain you are doing it correctly. One great stretch for the hands involves resting your forearm on a table, allowing your hand to hang down. While flexing the wrist as far up as possible, clench your fist. Do ten repetitions of this stretch.

2. Do finger exercises.

Lay your hand, with your palm up, flat on a table. Clench all of your fingers inward to the palms of your hands. Alternatively, put your palms flat on the table and lift each finger as high as it can go one at a time. Finally, touch each fingertip to your thumb, one by one, to exercise the small muscles in the extremities.

3. Exercise the forearm and elbow.

To do this, rotate your arm from hand up to hand down, flat on a table with your elbow tucked by your side. Keep your elbow stable while doing this, so you are really only working the muscle in the forearm. Do ten repetitions of this.

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