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Shortlist of Narcissist’s’ Favorite Lies

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Shortlist of Narcissist’s’ Favorite Lies

Shortlist of Narcissist’s’ Favorite Lies

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Wondering if that boss, co-worker, or lover is a closet narcissist? You can spot them by their favorite lies. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have had a relationship with a narcissist, whether it be business or personal, you’ve undoubtedly noticed several things:

Shortlist of Narcissist's' Favorite Lies

They seem charming and charismatic at the beginning, but end up being intensely self-absorbed. They appear to be very capable and supremely confident in their abilities, yet turn out to be totally incompetent. They are unrepentant attention-seekers and game-players who can lie as easily as others draw breath. And when they get caught, they will lie and shift blame in such a way that makes the accuser seem like they are the ones with a problem, a form of manipulation known as gaslighting.

Regardless of where you meet them or what position they are in with relation to you, narcissists are dangerous, unremorseful, and only see others as a tool to be used. And they always lie!

They lie about their status

While everyone likes to look good and have nice things, a true narcissist will tell favorite lies and weave elaborate stories to appear to be something that he is not.

Narcissists are egomaniacs with an inferiority complex, and they will always try to look like more than they are. Whether this comes in the form of lying about “all the money that they lost in the Big Crash” or driving a German luxury car that they have financed at 23% interest and can’t afford, to fabricating a military service record that doesn’t exist (distinguished and top-secret, of course,) all narcissists do this to some degree, a practice known as “status-bombing.”

They lie about who they are to get what they want

Narcissists are master manipulators, and they know that people like others who are most like them. So a narcissist will lie to you to make you think that you are in similar, safe company.

This is a practice called covert narcissism, and it usually takes the form of a narcissist having one personality that he or she presents to one group, while another personality gets shown to others. An example of this is a husband who seems like such a loving attentive spouse yet abuses his wife behind closed doors. Or a boss who receives community praise for his good works, yet forces employees to work off the clock, and demands favors in exchange for company advancements.

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They lie to avoid responsibility

A narcissist loves to appear important, and there are plenty of important, powerful narcissists among company CEOs and politicians. Yet these people can be spotted by their steadfast refusal to take responsibility for the outcomes of their actions and decisions.

They are masters of shifting blame squarely onto the shoulders of another group or individual, and they can do it with such skill that you may find yourself second-guessing your gut feelings, and beginning to “see things their way” with regards to the narcissist.

Be wary! Take notice if things always seem to fall apart whenever a certain person is involved.

They lie pathologically

This is the one that really baffles most people. Lying has become a pathology; a sickness. The narcissist not only lies, but they will lie when the truth would serve them just as well, or even better. They lie for no reason whatsoever and seem to be unaware that they are even doing it.

What to do if you are with a narcissist

If you are working for, or in a relationship with a narcissist, the only course of action is to get out. Whether this means quitting a job or ending a marriage, you need to do it because a narcissist will not change. They have zero feelings of empathy, guilt, or remorse. And they will continue using their favorite lies on you.

Everyone they encounter is a tool for them to use, and they have no more feelings when they use you than when they use a hammer to drive a nail. They are dangerous and will turn your life toxic, eventually ruining your ability to relate normally to others.


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