5 Things to Do to Get Laid After a Long Break

Move slowly

Take the time to ensure you both feel as confident as possible regardless of how anxious you are to get laid. Remember your dating days and all the positive experiences you had, bringing them back to your current situation. You may have enjoyed a perfect foot rub, held hands while lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes, or you made time for kisses and cuddles.

With a scheduled time, you should be in no rush. Allow yourselves the necessary space to feel comfortable. Make a real connection by stopping to talk about any concerns, whether mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. In this way, creating a mutually satisfying and long-lasting relationship has higher chances compared to getting right to physical affections.

Create an ideal atmosphere

The most basic level of getting down is sensory, which involves sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste. Remind yourselves of the good times together using the most favored sensory memories, be it the smell or sight of a particular flower. It could also be some music you both like, particularly since research shows music has power over our moods. Use all these to create a romantic atmosphere. Most married couples get lazy, forgetting how important some simple things can be in ensuring they experience a great time.

Remember getting on is not the sole form of physical affection

Most of the couples who have experienced extended periods without romance often experience the lack of affection as a result. It is important to acknowledge such an occurrence and try to improve. Some people complain about the misinterpretation of their actions or intents such as a touch after a long break. Human beings enjoy contact, be it holding hands, a welcome hug, or cuddling. If you are only affectionate in the bedroom, the chances of maintaining a mutually satisfying and prolonged physical relationship reduce. Find ways of engaging with each other outside your bedroom, which will lead to better satisfaction.


Most couples just want to know whether or not they are normal. Regrettably, you will most likely have very few times where you are totally in sync as a couple. Working together to find compromises and solutions is the norm in a marriage. And it significantly contributes towards finding what works best for your relationship. Working as a team on the difficulties you face serves to strengthen your relationship. As a result of working together, you can look back and not panic the next time you experience any difficulties, having already learned how to deal with such challenges.