Invisible Traits Attractive Women Have in Common

Invisible Traits Attractive Women Have in Common

Invisible Traits Attractive Women Have in Common

The expression, “good things are best-kept secret,” undoubtedly has a bearing on vast areas of life. While physical appearances, to an extent, matter to men, most males will disclose that the real attraction results from hidden characteristics. While this is a belief that is open to interpretation and personal preference, there are some invisible traits attractive women have in common.

Invisible Traits Attractive Women Have in Common


A study conducted by the University of Miami discovered that humor demonstrates a woman’s mentality that the man she is interacting with might be a potential suitor who is up to her standards, due to the effort it takes to be humorous. Of the eighty heterosexual individuals used in the study, all of them found the trait to be attractive-especially the men.

8 Characteristics All Attractive Women Have in Common


Human beings are goal setters; all people wish to improve their lives to some degree. However, men have been depicted throughout society as the breadwinners, as they are the ones most likely to work, hunt, and strive to improve life for him and his mate. When a woman refuses to adopt this depiction, men find it intriguing and interpret it as a characteristic that will alleviate their own stress. This trait also demonstrates a fearless strength irresistible to men.


The reason behind this attraction circulates the correlation that the woman will also be a leader. A willingness to listen and expand her own thought process is calming to men. On the contrary, a woman who refuses to listen discourages men from their overall goals and reduces their motivation to improve.


Life is unexpected, so when a woman demonstrates the willingness to adapt, men find it attractive. This often circulates a human’s willingness to survive, and even depicts a relationship’s strength to overcome hardships. Additionally, it keeps the relationship generally exciting and refrains from the repetition that humans seem to detest.

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