6 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Ears

6 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Ears

Wet wax
Wet ear wax and odorous armpits are related to cancer for most victims. However, it is important to note that having wet ear wax or pungent armpits is not conclusive evidence that one will have breast cancer. Such factors only increase the probabilities of getting diagnosed. This risk is aggravated by other factors such as the environment.

Red ears
During hot weather, ears often flare up and turn red. However, having red ears during room temperatures could be a reflection of adrenal insufficiency. The adrenal glands secrete the hormone adrenaline. The hormone is responsible for preparing the body to react in unsafe conditions. Inadequate adrenaline is a leading cause of hypotension, weight loss, kidney failure and other health disorders. Red ears are an indication of adrenal insufficiency.

Red ears are, moreover, a sign of red ear syndrome. This disorder is characterized by the ears becoming hot with some red appearance. This disease is, however, relatively rare.

Ringing ears
Consistent noise in the ears is an indicator of tinnitus. According to a publication by the Harvard Medical School, the sound can either originate from one ear or both, inside the head or from a perceived distance. Loud events cause short term tinnitus. However, if the noises persist for more than six months, this might be symptomatic of chronic tinnitus.

Small ears
Small ears can make one to be prone to kidney disease and eczema. People with little ears often have smaller ear canals. Smaller ear canals increase the probability of developing eczema of the ears. Small ears are also related to underdeveloped kidneys. People with little ears often experience kidney diseases later in life. These disorders may include lack of one kidney and fused kidneys.

Noticing changes in your body can be quite beneficial. The ear, in particular, can convey important medical information and help avoid health calamities.