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How to Correct Your Forward Neck Posture

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How to Correct Your Forward Neck Posture

How to Correct Your Forward Neck Posture

Forward neck posture is a result of our modern living. Because we spend most of our time leaning forward as we work on computers and look at our cell phones, many of us are beginning to develop a posture where our heads jut forward and our shoulders are rounded.


A 2012 study published in Annuls of Rehabilitation Medicine reports that a research team studied the postures two groups of individuals. Those in one group worked at computers for over six hours per work day. The second group was comprised of individuals who rarely worked at computers. The researchers found that those who worked at computers exhibited forward neck postures.

Forward head posture looks awkward, and it is unhealthy as well. Those who jut their heads forward actually lose up to 30 percent of their lung capacity because the lungs cannot properly draw deep breaths.

In this video, chiropractor Dr. Paula Moore explains that this unhealthy posture can actually lead to the development of a fatty hump on the back. She also talks more in-depth about the causes of forward neck posture, and she demonstrates an easy exercise that can help reverse the posture’s harmful effects.

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