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After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away Watermelon Rinds

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After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away Watermelon Rinds

After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away Watermelon Rinds

Don’t Waste the Rind!

Most people eat only the juicy flesh inside of the watermelon. However, watermelon rind is completely edible. Furthermore, watermelon rind is very healthy for your body in many ways. In fact, 95 percent of the food value of a watermelon is in the rind!

What’s in Watermelon Rind?

Watermelon rind, much like the flesh of a watermelon, is mostly made of water. Because of this, it may help the kidneys process waste more efficiently. Adequate hydration lowers blood pressure as well. Watermelon rind is also chock-full of vitamins C, B6, and A, and you can get a good amount of Zinc and Potassium from eating this part of the fruit. The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture even states that the citrulline in watermelon rind can fight free radical damage, and it can boost the immune system. All of these vitamins and minerals can be found in just one serving of rind totaling 50 calories.

Benefits of Consuming Watermelon Rind

Citrulline can also aid in weight loss, and the fiber found in the watermelon rind can help you feel fuller for longer. Studies have shown that people who consume natural citrulline lose 30 percent more weight than those who do not. The lycopene in watermelon rind may also be able to reduce the inflammation responsible for arthritis pain, and the folate in the rind may also lessen the risk of heart attack and colon cancer. Because watermelon is a good source of beta-carotene, it benefits eye health as well.

One surprising advantage to eating every part of the watermelon concerns physical closeness with your partner. Scientists from Texas A&M’s Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center have noted that the citrulline in watermelon rinds can relax the blood vessels responsible for successful closeness between partners.

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Even pregnant women can take advantage of healthy watermelon rinds. Small portions of the rind can reduce heart burn, and it can reduce the swelling associated with pregnancy. The natural sugars can even reduce morning sickness! If you’re troubled by muscle cramps, try eating a little bit of watermelon rind to guard against future cramps.

Saving Money

Using every part of the watermelon doesn’t just benefit your health. It can stretch your food dollars as well. You can make pickles using watermelon rind since it has the same consistency as a cucumber. If you have access to a juicer, you can juice the rind for a great-tasting drink that fights free radical cell damage. Watermelon rind can be made into jam and relishes, and you can shred it to add to fritters, breads, cakes, or muffins.

How to Cook with Watermelon Rind

Other recipes include fried watermelon rinds. To make this dish, all you need to do is cut the rind into cubes, dip them into cornmeal or flour, and add them to hot oil. Watermelon rind can also be cut into slivers and added to a delicious stir-fry. To make a watermelon rind gazpacho, combine almonds, watermelon rind, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, and celery into a food processor and puree them. Once you’ve seasoned this mixture to taste, chill it in the refrigerator until it’s time to enjoy a healthy and refreshing treat.


Please note that consuming very large amounts of watermelon rind can lead to side effects associated with consuming too much L-citrulline. Too much L-citrulline can even interact with some medications. Always inform your doctor when you make major changes to your diet, especially if you are currently taking medications for a chronic condition or are pregnant.

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