That’s What Happened After My Wife Asked Me to Take Another Woman on a Date

That's What Happened After My Wife Asked Me to Take Another Woman on a Date

That’s What Happened After My Wife Asked Me to Take Another Woman on a Date

Being busy is part of life, but when Thomas’s wife asked him to take another woman on a date, he was intrigued. He had been happily married for over 21 years to the love of his life. When she told him to go on a date with another woman, it stopped him dead in his tracks. She went on to say how the other lady loved him so much and would appreciate some time with him. It was his mother.

Thomas’s mother had been a widow for over 19 years. Nearly two decades of her life she had spent alone. She was getting up in years and like many people. Thomas had a demanding schedule that did not allow him to go visit her like he should. With three children, a wife, and a full time job; he met himself going and coming. Yet, it was his wife that saw the need for a date that would mean the world to his mother.

That night after Thomas had completed dinner, he picked up the phone to call her. He felt a bit of shame and yet excitement at the same time. He asked her out to dinner and a movie. His mother instantly thought something was wrong with him, as he had never done such a thing before. He assured her that he wanted it to be the two of them spending time together. The date was set for Friday night.

Thomas went to pick her up after work on Friday. She stood there glowing with a new dress and her hair curled. She told her son how excited she was to spend time with him and could not wait to report back to her friends about the evening. They settled in at a quaint restaurant to eat. He had to read the menu to her because her eyes were not so focused and could not read the fine print. They laughed about how she used to read the menu to him when he was a child, and now he is returning the favor.

They talked and talked and soon they talked till the movie was over. They missed the movie that night, but they decided to make a second date. Thomas told her that he would go out with her again, but only if she did the inviting the next time. He left that night feeling as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He really enjoyed the company of his mother. It would be the last time he ever saw her. His mother died of a massive heart attack just a few days later. It was a bitter blow.