5 Reasons Your Wife’s Not Sleeping With You

5 Reasons Your Wife's Not Sleeping With You

5 Reasons Your Wife’s Not Sleeping With You

There’s no lovemaking like newly married lovemaking. Even if you’ve been together for years, it’s the most exciting right after you exchange your vows and become husband and wife. Unfortunately, the newness of being a married couple eventually wears off, life takes over and you’re stuck wondering what happened to you and your wife. Where is that passion and that fire that you had in the beginning?

It’s not always a bad thing to move into a way of life that’s more familiar and more comfortable, but it can be disappointing to realize that your wife is no longer interested in sleeping with you. Before you jump to conclusions or begin panicking that she’s no longer in love with you, ask yourself if you might be the reason she’s not sleeping with you anymore. According to a survey conducted by Redbook Magazine and Psychology Today, 60% of women want closeness just as much as men. If yours does not seem interested in making love with you, it’s probably you.

You Don’t Show Her Affection Anymore

It’s easy to come home at the end of the day and forget to kiss your wife. Perhaps she’s busy in the kitchen or you’re both running the kids all over the place and don’t have time for any affection. Once the kids are in bed you fall onto the couch and grab your phone, perusing the internet and relaxing like you haven’t all day long.

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What you’re not doing is paying attention to your wife. You’re not doing anything to show her she’s important to you, and it hurts. When was the last time you sent her flowers or did something sweet for her? When was the last time you told her she’s beautiful and lovely? When was the last time you showed her any affection? The more you show, the more she will want to show you her affection in return.

She Suspects You’re Cheating On Her

If your wife suspects you’re being unfaithful to her, you have far bigger problems than this. However, you can cheat on her in other ways. Are you going out after work to play sports with the guys and leaving her home to care for the kids and the house? Are you spending more time golfing than you are with the family? When she feels your attention is being given to something else other than her, she feels cheated on. This feeling does not lead to closeness.