4 Ways to Blow His Mind in Bed

4 Ways to Blow His Mind in Bed

4 Ways to Blow His Mind in Bed

People are not mind-readers, no matter how good we might get at observing one another. So the more you use your words to ask for what you need, ask questions when you are uncertain and offer your affirmation and encouragement to your partner, the better your private moments will become.

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3. Be gentle with your feedback.
Since the only person who can ever truly know you inside and out is you, you can know for sure that your partner will sometimes get things wrong. You will need to be willing to offer correction, but to seek the right time and the right words so your relationship gets stronger rather than weaker.

By finding the right time and the right means for sharing your feedback with your partner, you may just discover your !ntimate time flourishes because of it!

4. Give and receive, receive and give.
John Mayer’s song “Your Body is a Wonderland” was a massive hit for a reason. There is nothing more magical, more mysterious, more fascinating, than the human body. We each have an adventurer, an explorer, a pioneer within us.

When you set your inner pioneer free to explore, to delight, to embark upon an intimate adventure with your partner, you can count on finding new lands together that no one but you have ever experienced.

By setting your intention right up front to learn, to teach, to explore, to share and to grow together, you and your partner can look forward to a lifetime of wonderful experiences and memories together. After all, you have that “one thing” 99 percent of all songs are written about – LOVE.