4 Exercises That Actually Harmful for Your Back (and What to Do Instead)

Toe Touches

Toe touches require you to stand up straight then bend forward at the waist. The goal is to touch your toes or place your hands onto the floor.

Toe touches stretch the four-muscle group in located in the back of each thigh. This grouping is known as the hamstrings. Because there is no support from the back muscles, toe touches strain the ligaments around the hamstrings. Your spinal disks are also put under intense strain when you perform toe touches. Dr Jolie Bookspan, Director of Neck and Back Pain Sports Medicine, says that toe touches can be detrimental to back health.

The alternative exercise is: supine hamstring stretch.


A person performing a deadlift begisn by standing behind a weight on the floor. Then he or she bends down while bending slightly at the knees. The practitioner picks up the weight, stands straight up, and locks his or her hips and knees. This exercise works the muscles that run from the base of your skull to your lower spine. Additionally, your gluteous maximus moves the top of your pelvis back as you complete this exercise. A deadlift makes your quadriceps do a lot of work, too. these are the muscles that straighten your knee joints when you stand up.

Dr. Stuart M. McGill states that when deadlifts are done incorrectly, the consequences can be severe. Poor form can put all of the stress on your spine. The sciatic nerve can also be damaged, and ruptured disks are common to those who perform deadlifts.

The alternative exercise is leg presses on a machine.

These common exercises put your body into unnatural positions and can lead to strain and injury. Keep yourself healthy, and avoid them.


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4 Exercises That Actually Harmful for Your Back (and What to Do Instead)