Absolutely Natural and Super Powerful Inflammation Treatment

Absolutely Natural and Super Powerful Inflammation Treatment

Throw all of this into a blender and blend until it liquefies, then drink it or refrigerate for later.

So why black pepper?

One of the most interesting things about plants based foods is the synergistic way that they work with one another. The presence of black pepper will increase your absorption of the curcumin in the turmeric by over 1500 percent!

Other ingredients to experiment with

Turmeric is a fat-soluble food, meaning that it is only absorbed by the body when in the presence of fat. So try throwing in an avocado into that blender, or simply drizzling some olive oil onto a salad to eat with the smoothie. If you wanted to kick up the flavor profile, you could also try adding oranges or frozen bananas.

A note about juicers

Be sure that you use a commercial grade blender and not a juicer. The difference is that a juicer removes ALL of the vital plant fiber, leaving you only with juice. While at first blush this may seem fine, you are only left with what is basically sugar water, with some vitamins.

You want the benefit of eating the entire plant. So get a blender that will pulverize and liquefy your food and not just extract the juice from it. The easy way to tell the difference is that a juicer has a mesh screen that separates the fiber from the liquid, and a good blender just uses blades, so it incorporates the entire plant.

Don’t just read this – try this!

Don’t be one of those readers who just nods and says “Sounds cool…I’ll try that someday.” Drink this every day with breakfast in place of your normal orange juice and in a few weeks you will feel the difference. This drink will not only go a long way in ridding you of chronic inflammation but will also provide an incredible array of nutrients.