Stop Hurting Your Knees by Doing This Weird Thing With Your Toes

Stop Hurting Your Knees by Doing This Weird Thing With Your Toes

Stop Hurting Your Knees by Doing This Weird Thing With Your Toes

The Argument for Bare Feet

Constantly wearing shoes also causes a disconnect between your toes and the rest of your body. The muscles in your feet become weak after years stuffed in shoes and unable to feel the ground. If you spend some time every day allowing your toes to have contact with the floor or ground, you will tone your core muscles and leg muscles. As a result, your gait will become more symmetrical and balanced. Bare feet can better communicate information about our terrain to our brains. This prevents slips and falls.

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Dr. Splichal teaches that maintaining good ankle mobility creates proper alignment of the body and alleviates stress to soft tissues and joints. This also allows our body to absorb shock properly instead of placing undue pressure on our knees. She does not denounce the use of orthotics and supportive shoes for bracing, but she strongly advocates that walking barefoot resets the bond between the foot and the brain.


Why are You Doing That Weird Thing With Your Toes?

Focusing on one area of without involving the rest of your body is ineffective and does not treat the underlying problem. In this video, Kevin C. Moore from explains this theory in more detail and shows us the reality of toe-lifts in a hilarious, informative way. He explains and then demonstrates a standing exercise utilizing the subtalar joint at the back of the ankle. Learning to move this joint properly will strengthen flat feet and help you walk efficiently. You will learn to roll your heels while your toes still stay on the ground as they were meant to do. Kevin clearly explains that this is a better exercise for weak arches. When you have finished this video, pay attention to the way you walk. When you exercise your feet, your entire body should move as well. Enjoy the video as you laugh and learn with Kevin. You’re certain to pay more attention to the way you move when you’re done.