15 Warning Signs That Show Up Too Late in Relationship

15 Warning Signs That Show Up Too Late in Relationship

4. He’s Jealous of Your Friends

If you go out and he’s constantly checking up on you, there’s a big problem that needs to be nipped in the bud before it turns into something are worse. A man who can’t trust you with your friends – even if they are male – is a man who won’t trust you in other areas of your relationship. He will become manipulative, controlling and possessive overtime, usually trying to guilt trip you in the beginning before becoming more comfortable in the relationship and moving into full on tantrums. Jealous men are insecure, but there’s no insta-fix you can apply and make him better. Don’t waste your breath trying to build up his confidence. Save the kind words and compassion for a man who will truly appreciate it.

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5. He Has Anger Issues
Does he spiral into fits of explosive road rage or lose his temper over the smallest things? Is he someone who just “can’t let things go”? If so, leave now. Men with anger management problems need to work through their issues alone. Staying will only put you right in the line of crossfire.

6. He Lies About His Past
Whether it’s small or not, lying about who he has been is a clear indicator of who he is today. Someone who wants to be in a relationship doesn’t like. Love is about showing someone who you are – regrets, fears and all – and being accepted anyway. If he’s lied about one thing, there has – and will be – many others. Spare yourself the hassle of having to play detective and kick him to the curb.

7. He Never Comes Through on Promises

And he’s always “so sorry” about it. Something just came up, he really wanted to see you but he had to take care of something, he swears he’ll make it up to you. Yeah, right. Don’t listen to a man who says one thing and does another. As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”