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3 Ways to Wear Heels Without Destroying Your Body

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3 Ways to Wear Heels Without Destroying Your Body

3 Ways to Wear Heels Without Destroying Your Body

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Wearing heels can cause stress on your feet, including achy ankles, unlucky ligaments, cramp crisis, toe troubles, unstable heels and pain in the calves. It’s best to go shoe-shopping in the morning when your feet haven’t had time to swell. Be patient and give yourself time when trying shoes on. Walk around the store in the shoes. If the shoes feel uncomfortable in the store, you will know pretty quickly.


Wedges are far more comfortable than high-heeled shoes that go straight up. In addition, platform heels also tend to be comfortable than spikes or stilettos. This is because the heels are gradual and allow the foot to rise at a minimal angle. Also, the saying you get what you pay for is true. High-quality high-heeled shoes often provide cushioned insoles and solid heels. These will also give you more comfort and be easier on your feet.


Try the high heel test. Stand up straight in your new shoes, but don’t lock your knees. Try to raise yourself on your toes so there’s, at least, an inch of space under the heels. If you’re unable to do this, your heels are too high and you probably don’t want them.


Break-in your new high heels. One of the best ways to get used to new high heels is to practice walking around in them at home before wearing them out. You can simply walk around while you’re cooking or cleaning and “break in” the shoes. Then when it comes time to wear them to work or to the party, your feet will thank you. Don’t overdo it! Wear them for short periods of time, no more than 30 minutes.

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When walking up stairs in your high heels, always use your quads to push yourself upward. And be cautious when walking outside among gravel and manhole covers, and uneven sidewalks. A twisted ankle can lead to a trip to the hospital. Be mindful when you walk in your high heels.

Vary the shoes you practice walking in and be sure to keep the heels vertical. If you need to, stand near a wall to keep your balance. Walk forward and backward.

After you’re finished wearing your heels, spend a few minutes massaging your feet, especially the balls of your feet, in between your toes, and the soles. Consequently, your balance will improve. If you have a tennis ball, roll that over the bottom of your foot in several directions. This will loosen the muscles and give you some relief.


High heels can lift you forward onto your toes and exaggerate your spinal curves, place a strain on your back, which can even lead to bladder infections. And similar to the tennis ball rolling on the bottom of your feet, a rolled blanket on the floor beneath your lower back can reduce back pain, which can come from wearing heels.

Walking in heels takes practice, and it helps for you to vary the styles you try. But always keep a nice pair of flats on hand in case your feet decide to call it quits.


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