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6 Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips For Women From Holistic Health Guru

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6 Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips For Women From Holistic Health Guru

6 Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips For Women From Holistic Health Guru

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Inflammation in women consists of redness, irritation, or swelling of any part of the body. Persistent inflammation in women can lead to disease. In response to this, a woman can choose to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Here are six anti-inflammatory diet tips for women.

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1. Avoid refined, manufactured, or processed foods

Replace foods such as onion rings and chips with whole, natural foods like quinoa and chickpeas. Foods with only one ingredient are the best, most nourishing foods for a woman’s body. Avoid foods with ingredients in them that can not be pronounced.

2. Be smart about carbohydrates

Carbohydrates should make up a significant part of a woman’s diet, but avoid refined carbohydrates and stick with whole grains. Slow-digesting carbs are more anti-inflammatory than simple carbs that are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Some great carbohydrates are sweet potatoes, beans, and squash.

3. Add healthy fats

Olive oil and fish that is rich with omega-3s are a great source of healthy fat. PubMed reports that while anti-inflammatory medications are commonly prescribed, they can lead to severe complications, such as gastric ulcers, myocardial infection, bleeding, and even death with continued use. Alternatively, omega-3s act as a treatment for inflammation that comes with fewer side effects. PubMed reported a study completed in a neurosurgical practice that used fish oil supplements for anti-inflammatory and, therefore, pain relief issues. Consuming about 2 grams per day of omega-3 fatty acids has the ability to reduce inflammation in the body.

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4. Add ginger to your diet

The Arthritis Foundation reports that the use of ginger can not only soothe upset stomachs, it may also help with pain management and inflammation, as well. A University of Miami study showed that ginger could also be a substitute for medical anti-inflammatory drugs. In their study, ginger was found to reduce pain and inflammation in joints by 40% over the placebo.

5. Get regular exercise

Exercise will help keep the body healthy by keeping everything moving inside of it. It helps to release toxins and flush out the system. This also flushes out chemicals and leftover foods that cause inflammation.

6. Stress reduction

It is important to try to stay as stress-free as possible while living an anti-inflammatory diet. Stress can aggravate inflammation and keep it from healing in a timely manner. PubMed reports that there is recent evidence showing that he two major stress hormones, glucocorticoid, and catecholamines, inhibit proinflammatory cytokines from being produced, as well as stimulate the production of, and therefore, create growth in, anti-inflammatory cytokines.

Incorporating an anti-inflammatory diet is really a lifestyle that includes more than just food. By exercising and avoiding stress, as well as avoiding certain types of food, inflammation can be kept away.


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