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This Nurse Nearly Passed Out At Work And Rejoiced Her Pregnancy … But Her Diagnosis Was More Surprising

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This Nurse Nearly Passed Out At Work And Rejoiced Her Pregnancy ... But Her Diagnosis Was More Surprising

This Nurse Nearly Passed Out At Work And Rejoiced Her Pregnancy … But Her Diagnosis Was More Surprising

Millions of viruses and bacteria move in and out of the human body on a daily basis, but most people have a strong enough immunity system to fight off most of them. When you become sick, it’s usually an obvious sensation. Coughing, fatigue and congestion are the most common ailments associated with the common cold, for example. A more mysterious ailment might plague your body, however. It’s these illnesses that can catch you by surprise and possibly harm you without treatment.


A Woman’s Personal Account

An ER nurse with a loving family was diagnosed with syringomyelia but in its late stages. As a medical professional, the nurse was well-aware of certain ailments that could debilitate your body. She worked long shifts and attributed her headaches and fatigue to job stress. The nurse passed out one day with dangerously low blood pressure and an extremely high heart rate.

Her neurologist finally diagnosed her with syringomyelia. At this point, her illness had progressed so far that her symptoms were difficult to control. Over time, she became too ill to work as a nurse. With neurological symptoms that hinder her mind and body every day, this ER nurse is mostly confined to a wheelchair and living at home.

What is This Debilitating Disease?

Syringomyelia is a disorder of the spinal fluid or CSF that causes various neurological effects across the body. This fluid runs through the spinal cord and normally aids in your nervous system’s operation. If there’s an obstruction or abnormality along the CSF’s spinal pathway, however, cysts or syrinx can form. These cysts contribute to nervous system decline as the CSF builds up in these pockets. Some of the symptoms you might experience with syringomyelia are muscle weakness in the extremities, backaches, chronic pain, headaches and tongue weakness. The symptoms are so varied because they’re dictated by the cysts’ location on your spine. Because of the varied symptoms, patients are often misdiagnosed as exemplified by the ER nurse’s story.

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How It’s Contracted

Doctors are still trying to uncover the secrets to this debilitating disease. Some doctors believe in a mixture of causes, including both environmental and genetic influences. The spinal cord will have some abnormality that causes syringomyelia. You cannot catch this ailment as you would a common cold. Infections and trauma are some of the main reasons why people develop syringomyelia. The spinal cord must be under stress to develop these cysts. In many patients, doctors cannot pinpoint why cysts have appeared at all. The ER nurse is a perfect example of a healthy individual who suddenly displayed symptoms. Her case may not have been so debilitating if doctors saw the problem early on and treated it appropriately, however.

Natural Treatment Options

Because there’s no magical cure for syringomyelia, natural treatment options are usually employed as smart alternatives. According to the Illinois Chiropractic Society, these professionals see syringomyelia cases on a frequent basis. They cannot cure this neurological disorder, but they can alleviate some of the pains by manipulating the spine and massaging muscle tissues. Chiropractors will often use warm, moist towels to ease the muscles on a patient as they enter the office. With a relaxed body, the chiropractor pinpoints areas to treat along the spine. In many cases, some sensation can return to the extremities with consistent chiropractic care. Alternatively, syringomyelia patients can use basic exercise as a way to alleviate pains. Walking, swimming or simple movements sitting down in a chair can help a person fight off pain and loss of sensation.

The Mayo Clinic suggests talking to your doctor about your treatment options regarding syringomyelia. In most cases, you can treat the ailment aggressively when you catch it early on and use a mixture of different strategies. Although there’s no cure for syringomyelia, you can live with this ailment for many years with natural remedies and a doctor’s care as your best defenses.

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