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Beware If You See A Penny In The Passenger Door Handle. THIS Is What It Means

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Beware If You See A Penny In The Passenger Door Handle. THIS Is What It Means

Beware If You See A Penny In The Passenger Door Handle. THIS Is What It Means

While thieves will target just about anyone at anytime it is important for women to be vigilant so as not to fall victim to such thievery by way of “tricks” such as the penny in the passenger door handle. The rumor is it’s just one of the many “tricks” used by “drive by” thieves. The intent is not to have a confrontation with the victim, but only to steal their belongings. And so the thief it very patient. They set the trap; then lie in wait until their prey arrives.


With the victim in a store and their vehicle parked in the lot, apparently the thief will slide a penny under the handle of the passenger’s door of the vehicle. The unsuspecting driver comes out from the store to the parking lot and gets into their side of the vehicle. They never check the passenger side; unless there is a passenger, of course.

Thus, the penny in the passenger door handle goes totally unnoticed while they drive home or to the next stop. All the while they are being followed by a thief in a separate vehicle often accompanied by more criminals. Once the driver gets home, as always, they use their remote key fob to lock their car doors. But the door with the penny in the handle does not lock. It is hindered from this function because of the penny being slid under the handle jamming the locking mechanism. Thus, because the door will not lock, the thief can now easily get into the car to steal belongings or even the vehicle itself.

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While this is not entirely an unlikely remote crime-tactic possibility, it is highly improbable. This is a “trick” that would take much time and risk to a thief. First, there is no guarantee the driver will not be traveling a long distance. Second, unless the car is at least 20 years old there is no way a penny or anything else can be slid under a car door handle. They simply are not made that way anymore. Lastly, there is no guarantee to a thief there is anything of value in the vehicle.

Ain’t no “penny” thief got time for that.

Remember, it is always important to be vigilant, know your surroundings, and your vehicle. Most vehicles manufactured within the last 10 years can be programmed to automatically lock once they have reached 10-15 miles per hour. If your doors are not properly closed and locked more than likely your vehicle is going to “notify” you that’s what the bells and whistles are for after all. If you must travel with valuables, keep them hidden and out of sight from anyone who may be strolling by your vehicle, and always lock your doors.

With so many legitimate crime tactics and safety precautions to be aware of, I suggest you can knock the “penny in the door handle” urban legend off your bucket list, ladies.

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