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10 Types Of Guys You Should Completely Avoid In The Dating World If You Want Real Love

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10 Types Of Guys You Should Completely Avoid In The Dating World If You Want Real Love

10 Types Of Guys You Should Completely Avoid In The Dating World If You Want Real Love

When navigating the dating scene, it can be difficult to protect your heart and emotions when trying to find the right man. Many women make the mistake of dating the same type of man or easily trusting someone after the first date. If you want real love, it’s important to avoid a few types of guys when you’re ready to settle down.


1. Workaholics

Many women want a man who has a strong work ethic and is successful, but this can make it easy to fall for a man who is also a workaholic. Although they may be able to provide and are financially stable, they can tend to be workaholics who won’t be home for dinner or are busy working on the weekends.

2. Mama’s Boy

According to TimesofIndia.com, it’s important to avoid men who are overly attached to their mothers. This can make it difficult to grow together as a couple without his mom intruding.

3. Controlling Men

You may want a man who can take charge, but steer clear of anyone who can’t accept your no or wants you to be a doormat. You need someone who can respect who you are as an individual without always getting their way.

4. Narcissists

You want a man to be in love with you instead of himself for a successful, long-term relationship. Avoid men who are obsessed with themselves and spend too much time talking about their accomplishments or looking in the mirror.

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5. $exist Men

You want a man who believes in you and encourages you to succeed instead of dating someone who thinks you role is to stay in the kitchen. $exist men believe the world revolves around them and often show a lack of respect for their significant other.

6. Lazy Men

Some men may be laid-back but can suffer from a poor work ethic when it comes to growing up as an adult. You need someone who has goals and dreams without making you pay for dinner or needing your support when he moves from job to job.

7. Taken Men

Men who are already in a relationship but still want to date around already have ethical issues and will likely cheat on you with another person if you enter a relationship with one other.

8. Stubborn Men

According to HuffingtonPost.com, stubborn men are difficult to be in a relationship with long-term and can become rigid over time. They’ll have a difficult time compromising and can put themselves first when it comes to being in a relationship.

9. Frugal Guys

Men who tend to be frugal can be overly cheap in life whether they’re paying for a car or are taking you out to dinner. It can be difficult to relax with someone who is always watching their bank account and avoid having fun because they never want to spend any money.

10. A Ladies Man

Ladies men may have an eye for you, but they also have one for every other woman in the room. Avoid men who have a wandering eye and are more prone to flirt with other ladies, which means they have a tendency for cheating.

When dating various types of men, there are a few stereotypes that have truth to them. Avoid men who are not flexible or put themselves first to ensure that you avoid long-term pain and emotional damage in a relationship that is bound to fail.

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