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Kick Your Diet Soda Addiction In 4 Easy Steps In Just One Week

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Kick Your Diet Soda Addiction In 4 Easy Steps In Just One Week

Kick Your Diet Soda Addiction In 4 Easy Steps In Just One Week

You drink diet soda all the time and could easy chug a six pack if given the opportunity. You figure you’re on the right track by cutting out all of that extra sugar that can add up with a regular soda. At the same time, you get the flavor and a sweet fix, even if it is from artificial additives. Think again the next time you pick up that can of diet soda.

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According to Health.com, you aren’t doing yourself any favors when you drink a substitute for regular soda on a daily basis. Diet soda tricks your body into thinking you are drinking the real thing. Before you know it, you dull your senses to sugar and you need more of other sweet foods to get the same satisfaction. Worse yet, diet sodas make your body behave in the same way that it would with regular soda. Insulin production is stimulated, the body starts storing fat, and you will start to gain weight.

The Washington Post weighs in on the debate and cites studies that show diet soda could give you more belly fat, regardless of your diet and exercise regimen. You might think your diet soda will keep you on the healthy path, but you’re sabotaging your well-being.

Diet Soda Could be Bad for Your Heart
It’s bad enough that your diet soda habit could be derailing your diet. It could also be having a negative impact on your heart. According to Collective Evolution, alarming research has found a possible link between the aspartame in the majority of diet soda brands and cardiovascular problems for post menopausal women who were otherwise healthy.

At the University of Iowa, 60,000 women participated in a study. Over the course of long-term research, findings indicated that women who drank at least two servings of diet soda were at a greater risk of stroke and heart attack. On top of these findings, aspartame has been linked to damaging effects on the brain, kidneys, and lymphatic system. It’s really not surprising when you think about it. If you put something artificial in your body, you’re likely to pay the price.

You Can Kick the Diet Soda Habit
Fortunately, you can do something about your diet soda addiction. Like any other food or beverage that may make you hooked, you can break away from your artificial fix. Begin by cutting back on your diet soda intake. If you’ve been consuming several cans a day, you need to take it down to one. Go with one can for two weeks. The following week, mix that can with water. The next week, cut yourself down to only half a can. Finally, cut out that diet soda completely.

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Follow Four, Easy Steps to Stay Away from Diet Soda

  • The next time you want to grab that diet soda, have a cup of coffee or tea instead. Caffeine can give you a pick-me-up and satisfy you, while tea is rich in antioxidants that are good for you.
  • Don’t allow yourself to get shaky when your blood sugar drops. Have snacks on hand like nuts or dried fruits that will give you a healthy source of fat and sugar.
  • Be conscious of too much sugar in your body that could be feeding yeast and have water that has been infused with fruit instead.
  • You should also be aware of hormonal imbalances and try soy milk. When you do need something sweet, go the natural way and choose fruit.

Give your body a break from diet soda. Avoid those artificial sweeteners that are actually bringing you down. When you make a conscious choice to avoid soda in all its forms and put the right kind of fuel in your body, you’ll reap the benefits.

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