A Married Relationship Expert Reveals Why Women Cheat

A Married Relationship Expert Reveals Why Women Cheat

Cheating rates in marriage have steadily risen over the last 10 years. Now, 50 percent of women and 60 percent of men confess to cheating over the lifetime of their marriage a staggering number that shows just how far many couples have fallen.

Why Women Cheat

Married relationship expert Charles Orlando decided to go undercover, creating a profile at renowned cheating site Ashley Madison, in order to discover why, exactly, it is that women are prone to cheating in their marriage. His hope? That by uncovering the reasons behind the cheating, he can help couples cheat-proof their marriages.

Virtual Cheating

For many women, Charles discovered that the draw of cheating doesn’t require them to actually meet the individual in person. In fact, these women aren’t aiming to meet up at all. They’re perfectly content to sit on the other side of their computer screen, chatting about illicit actions in explicit detail without ever intending to take it a step further. He compares it to interactive @rotic novels: nothing concrete, just a sense of closeness that can’t be found in their current marriage. In some cases, women are able to use that virtual connection to spice things up and be content with that alone: expressing via the internet what they’re unable to express with their spouse in person.

Passion, Enthusiasm, Connection

It’s relatively well known by married women that once their husband “catches” them and knows that they’re his forever, his attention drifts. He’s no longer passionate, focused on the thrill of the chase. Instead, he’s complacent. An evening of Netflix on the couch replaces the fun-filled dates that used to take priority. Spontaneous gifts and shows of affection decrease substantially. Unfortunately, women still crave that attention and affection and when they aren’t getting it, some women start to look for alternative ways to fill that gaping hole in their hearts.

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