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5 Bad Habits You Must Break Now

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5 Bad Habits You Must Break Now

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5 Bad Habits You Must Break Now

The horizontal polka can be a hobby, a breakthrough, or the penultimate expression between lovers… But it can also become the frustrating area holding a couple back. We’re not talking on a strictly ‘performance’ level, but rather on the habitual level; where easily avoidable routines that can develop to hinder couples in their most private moments. Below, we’ve listed out five habits that can undermine a strong union, but ones that can also be conquered through good communication and focused effort.

5 Habits You Must Break Now To Stop Challenging Your Horizontal Polka

1. Failure to communicate what you like and what you want.

We all have different tastes and in the bedroom it’s no different. Whether it’s in regards to position or the places we liked being touched, everyone has their own preference. Unfortunately, a lot of couples (and people for that matter) struggle to voice what they really want or even really like. While it’s unromantic sometimes to break the polka down into specifics, it’ll show your partner you care about their satisfaction and similarly, that you care about yours. If all parties can voice and articulate the things they enjoy, the dance will provide lovers the best result to avoid stagnation in the bedroom.

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2. Repetitive Position Syndrome

If you repeat something/anything enough it’s going to feel monotonous – even if it’s pleasurable. It’s human nature to feel the need for change and when things get too monotonous we get curious in ways that aren’t always good (see infidelity). Now there is no shortage of reading material on the subject of positions, but our advice is to find a balance between ideas new and old. By injecting (pun intended) newness into the polka, old positions can seem like old friends when they’re revisited and your ability to perform in the tried and true will be the likely focus of the event.

3. There Are Wrong Times To Do It

Like position, the timing of our polka can lead to the feeling of repetition. It can create anxiety in imbalanced couples in setting up a ‘window’ at which the event is to be expected. The event shouldn’t be expected, but rather naturally arrived at. Try it in the morning, try it when you get home for work – heck, if you two work close by meet for lunch and find a parking lot. The key phrase here is ‘don’t limit yourself’.

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4. Being a Receiver and Not a Giver

Another common failure in relational polka is an imbalance in the giving/receiving of certain affection. The idea of selflessness, and further, of giving oneself to a mate is affirmed by these further affections. It fosters a togetherness and in giving to each other at an equal and perhaps anticipated rate, couples find harmony as opposed to a discrepancy. Remember, if you feel this discrepancy or are perhaps the more receiving individual, a little action can go a long way.

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5. We Both Want It, but We Don’t Show It

The horizontal polka should be about combined passion and not the advances of just one partner. Both of you should and will want the other to dance, so there should never be a time you hold back or feel bashful about your passion. It’s important to remember to be surprising but also somewhat aggressive if you feel your enthusiasm quotient becoming less than it should be.

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On the whole, breaking or improving upon these habits will provide short and long-term benefits to your relationship. They’re relatively easy fixes on paper and immediately satisfying to enact in real life. Our suggestion is that the sooner the better; for you and your loved one.


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