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This Is What Would Happen To Your Body When You Drink Tomato Juice For 60 Days

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This Is What Would Happen To Your Body When You Drink Tomato Juice For 60 Days

This Is What Would Happen To Your Body When You Drink Tomato Juice For 60 Days

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Most people understand there are nutritional benefits associated with drinking tomato juice, thanks to the high vegetable content of this super food product. However, many women (and men) do not realize that tomato juice can actually help you lose weight and body fat. A recent study conducted by scientists at the China Medical University in Taiwan shows that drinking one single glass of tomato juice each day for the two full months will result in beneficial and desired metabolic benefits.

This Is What Happens To Your Body After Drinking Tomato Juice For 60 Days (Study)

The Study

Twenty five women between the ages of twenty and thirty were followed during this study. All of the women were in good health. They were asked to drink one full glass of tomato juice everyday for eight weeks total. To make a long story short, the women who participated in the study lost an average of one inch off of their waist line. There have been other studies performed regarding the consumption of tomato juice on a daily basis and fat reduction. A team of scientists at the Lab of Molecular Function of Food in Japan determined that consuming tomatoes or tomato juice on a regular basis would spark a person’s DNA and train the body to burn more body fat.

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The Ingredients

Tomatoes and tomato juice contain 13-oxo-ODA which is an unsaturated fatty acid. This fatty acid, when consumed regularly, can decrease the amount of fat in the body as well as prevent metabolic syndrome.

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This super ingredient can actually help a person lose weight without having to exercise, though exercise is still recommended for heart health and a general healthy well being.

The Growing and Production Process

In order to produce a high quality product, tomatoes should be grown in healthy soil with natural, non-chemical based fertilizers. The better the growing conditions, the higher the level of phenols in the tomato. An organic tomato can actually have as much as 139 percent more phenols. Organic tomatoes have fifty-five percent more vitamin C than non-organic tomatoes. The tomatoes being used for juice production should be a deep red, plucked from the vine and used immediately.

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Consumption Of Tomato Juice

Consuming one glass of tomato juice per day will decrease adiposity in the body. Adiposity is basically the amount of fat that is on the body. Also, as the adiposity level in the body decreases, this decreases inflammatory responses in the body as well which leads to changes in fat accumulation. Tomato juice can be consumed at any point in the time in order to reap its benefits. However, some people experience some acid reflux or heartburn from tomato juice because of the high acidic content of tomatoes. Because of this, tomato juice should not be consumed right before bed to prevent reflux.

Tomato juice has been scientifically proven to reduce body weight, body fat, a person’s body mass index and more. These benefits can be achieved by consuming tomato juice on a regular basis. The quality of the tomato juice has been proven to be a factor in achieving a lower fat content on the body. Lycopene in tomatoes has also been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. This super food can even lower cholesterol levels in the body. When it comes to looking more slender and feeling healthier, tomato juice is a beneficial tool to have on hand.


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