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What The Shape Of Your Mouth Reveals About Your Personality

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What The Shape Of Your Mouth Reveals About Your Personality

What The Shape Of Your Mouth Reveals About Your Personality

You may take the shape of your mouth into account when putting on makeup, but did you know that it can actually give insight into your personality and health? According to some psychologists, there is a link between the shape of your lip and your natural disposition. Lips can be categorized into certain types based on their fullness, width, and overall shape. Here are some of the interesting things that your lips may reveal about you.

Shape Of Your Mouth

Full Lips

Lips that are full are usually seen as an attractive characteristic. Though women with full lips may be slightly emotionally immature, their strong sense of self-confidence helps them to get what they want.

Thin Lips

Thin lips can make a mouth look tiny even if it is actually wide. Women with thinner lips may have a sense of shyness or insecurity. However, women with thin lips are usually grounded and sensible, so they are prone to success.

Small Mouth

If your mouth is not very wide in comparison to the rest of your facial features, you have a small mouth. Women with small mouths are typically kind, generous, and agreeable. Though they may not have many friends, their friends will be very loyal and true.

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Wide Mouth

A largemouth is one that is wider than your nose, chin, and other features. People with wide mouths tend to be commanding and talkative. They are usually talented perfectionists who make friends easily.

Heart-Shaped Lips

If you have full lips with an exaggerated cupid’s bow, your lips are classically heart-shaped. Women with these lips are fearless and independent. They love the finer things in life and freely express their feelings.

Downward-Turned Lips

Some women have lips with corners that are somewhat low and almost appear to droop downwards. If you have this lip shape, you can tend to be somewhat withdrawn, private, and thoughtful. This brainy yet critical personality can scare some people away.

Round Lips

Round lips are full lips combined with a small mouth. Button-shaped lips signal that a person is usually open-minded and curious. This interest in exploration can lead to a bit of a rebellious nature.

Oval Lips

Women with oval lips have barely any peaks or dents along their top lip, and their bottom lip is full and wide. Women with oval shaped lips are usually youthful and lively. People are naturally drawn towards your vivacious nature.

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Your lips can speak volumes about your character and the way that other people see you. If you did not see yourself in any of the lip types, do not worry. Many women have lips that are a combination of the many lip types. You can emphasize particular features of your lips in order to make people notice those particular aspects of your personality.

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