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If You Have These 8 Thoughts, You’re In A Forced Relationship

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If You Have These 8 Thoughts, You’re In A Forced Relationship

If You Have These 8 Thoughts, You’re In A Forced Relationship

Most relationships take work, so how can you know if you’re staying in a relationship that just isn’t working anymore? If you have these eight thoughts, there’s a good chance you’re in a forced relationship.

If You Have These 8 Thoughts, You're In A Forced Relationship

1. You can’t hang out this weekend? No problem.

There’s nothing like the company of the one you love. If you frequently find yourself thrilled to spend time on your own or with friends instead of with your supposedly special someone, you have to ask yourself just how special they truly are to you.

2. I wonder what he/she is thinking.

Do you find yourself always asking your significant other how they feel? Do they love you? What are they thinking about? If it’s a constant struggle to try to get them to open up to you, the relationship is probably not going to last very long, unless, of course, you keep forcing it.

3. That guy/girl at work sure looks hot today.

Having romantic thoughts about other people is pretty standard. However, if you’re thinking about others more than you think about your partner, or worse, thinking of others even when you’re spending time with your partner, this could be a sign he or she isn’t the one for you.

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4. We never talk about our feelings anymore.

If you’ve stopped talking about your feelings, it could be because you’re afraid of what you might hear. Maybe your partner would react in a negative way, or you simply have nothing to say now that you realize how little you two actually have in common. It may be time to say your goodbyes.

5. I have to take all the initiative.

Do you have to take the lead for anything to happen in your relationship? Unless your partner was passive from day one, it could be a sign they’re checked out of the relationship. If you’re the one making all the dates, and it takes a lot of persuading to do even that, you are probably forcing the relationship.

6. I’m always feeling so disappointed.

When you don’t get back what you put into a relationship, it makes sense that you’ll feel let down. Feeling hurt occasionally is normal, but it shouldn’t be happening on a regular basis. You may have to decide whether it’s better to be alone than always to be heartbroken.

7. I’m so tired of all of this drama!

It seems like you can’t do anything right. One wrong move and your partner is picking a fight. On the other hand, you’re getting sick and tired of what you once thought of as your partner’s adorable quirks. Getting annoyed at every little thing is a way for your feelings to send a message to your brain: This relationship just isn’t right.

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8. Breaking up doesn’t seem that hard to do.

Thinking about life without your current partner and how sweet it could be isn’t always cause for alarm. Sometimes these thoughts may simply be a temporary mental escape from a tough situation. However, if you find yourself preoccupied with how much better life would be, you may want to get to work turning those dreams into reality.

Having these eight thoughts doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. However, the fact that you’re reading this article says you have a feeling something isn’t right. Take some time to ponder whether staying in your relationship will make either one of you happy in the long run.

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