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See What Smoking Does to Your Face!

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See What Smoking Does to Your Face!

See What Smoking Does to Your Face!

By now, most people who smoke tobacco are aware that smoking is an unhealthy habit that can lead to cancer, heart disease and ultimately death. While there are public service announcements, doctors, and even children all across the nation begging people to quit the habit, the truth of the matter is that many of the ill effects of smoking are hidden for years. It is not until you begin to see the toll that smoking has taken on your looks that you begin to look inward and assess just what type of havoc chemicals and carcinogens are wreaking to the inside of your body.

What Do the Statistics Say?

Smokers do not look forward to hearing people spitting off some new statistic released by the American Lung Society that reminds them how unhealthy the habit really is and how their addiction could be the start of their demise. While it is something no one wants to think about, there is no avoiding the fact that more than 443,000 people die prematurely every year from smoking.

This number is not only higher than the number of Americans who were lost in World War II, it is also higher than the number of deaths from AIDS, alcohol, accidents, murder and suicide combined. Tobacco is a silent killer that does its job quietly and methodically.

Pressing the Fast-Forward Button on Aging

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Imagine if you got black pockmarks all over your face from lighting up a cigarette. While this only happens to your lungs and internal organs, your habit will certainly begin to age you from the inside out. Your skin and your beautiful outward appearance is not safe from harm.

Studies have revealed that smoking literally presses the fast-forward button on the aging process. By using a set of identical twins, one non-smoker and one who smokes, scientists found that over a 5-year period there were noticeable differences in facial appearance. The unlucky smoker started to notice more pronounced lines around the nose and mouth in addition to sagging jowls and wrinkles over the lips.

You might be wondering just how smoking can act like it is fast-forwarding through the commercials on the aging process. This is believed to happen at a cellular level as cells die off and the ones that are left are busy working overtime. This leads to the onset of wrinkles in the trouble areas, a loss of vitamin A that moisturizes the skin, and lack of oxygen that reaches the skin cells.

Remedies to Save Your Looks

Obviously, the best solution would be to put down the tobacco to save not just your looks, but also your life. Obviously, the best solution would be to put down the tobacco to save not just your looks, but also your life. However, if the transition period is a real struggle for you then you can try vaping products which may help you eventually get rid of smoking a real cigarette with nicotine in it.

When you quit, your body can recover and regenerate over time, but if this is not happening quick enough for your liking there are some natural remedies that can aide in reversing the ill effects faster. Here are two remedies you can try:

Treatment for Dark Smoker’s Lips

Smoking leaves a dark tinge on your lips that can give away your habit at first glance. There are natural ingredients that can combat the smoker lip, moisturize it and add color. Here is a easy recipe:

What you need:

– Glycerin
– Lime Juice
– Honey
– Rose Petals

Mix a small equal amount of each ingredient and apply the mixture to your lips every night before bed. The glycerin will moisturize and lime, honey and rose petals will take away dark patches while making the lip color more vibrant.

Make Your Own Mask to Fight Aging Lines

If you already have wrinkles, there are ways to re-hydrate the skin and make it more elastic. Over-the-counter masks are filled with chemicals and expensive. Here is a do-it-yourself one that will do its job:

What You Need:

– Half of an avocado
– 2 tablespoons of fresh cream
– 2 teaspoon of flaxseed
– 1 tablespoon of honey

Mash the avocado into a paste. Grind the flazseed to a powder separately. Combine all of the ingredients together and mix until smooth. Apply to facial wrinkles and sit for one hour. Wash off the mask with lukewarm water and you are done!

Smoking could be ruining your lungs, your heart, your throat, and even your good looks. Luckily, Mother Nature has given us bountiful tools that can breath life into lifeless skin. Try these remedies and rewind all of the fast-forwarding smoking has done.

Individuals who smoke understand they are making a choice that is unhealthy, but often avoid quitting because they do not see the damage firsthand. By aging each smoker 30 years, a makeup artist gives these individuals a firsthand look at what their habit is doing to their outward appearance.

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