Drink These Juices and Shed Pounds Like You’ve Never Shed Pounds Before!

Drink These Juices and Shed Pounds Like You've Never Shed Pounds Before!

Drink These Juices and Shed Pounds Like You’ve Never Shed Pounds Before!

Experts claim that human beings are not as good at multi-tasking as they think they are. But it’s always nice to prove experts wrong, especially when it involves consuming food that’s as good for you as it tastes going down. The foods in question are part of the internationally popular all-juice diet for weight loss.

Drink These Juices and Shed Pounds Like You've Never Shed Pounds Before

Let’s round up the usual questions of “hot dieting”, shall we? They are:
Is this diet safe?
Is this diet healthy?
And (duh) is this diet effective? Will I lose weight on it?

In the case of the all-juice diet, the answer to all three questions is yes. Provided that the dieter doesn’t remain on a all-juice diet for more than a few days at a time, a juicing diet is generally harmless. And healthy? You’re going to be juicing fruit and vegetables (What? You thought you’d be juicing a turkey?) so you’ll be taking in lots of vitamins and nutrients. An added benefit of juicing is that it is easier for the body to absorb phytonutrients. For those of you not paying attention in science class, phytonutrients are the nutrients contained in plants that help fight off disease.

Flushing, in every sense of the word is another by-product of this diet. A few days spent on an all-juice diet means cleansing your body of built up toxins, resulting in healthier skin among other benefits. But be warned that the high water content and diuretic effects of many of these items will make more bathroom breaks necessary as well. Schedule your day accordingly.

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But does juicing work as a weight-loss aid? While results vary, most juicers experience some weight loss as a result. Healthy eating? Weight loss? More time in the bathroom to plot out the Next Great Novel? Let’s get juicing! And what should we be juicing with to achieve all of these results?

1. Celery
This veggie’s very high water count means that it’s almost got no calories. Celery’s large amounts of both sodium and potassium make it very effective in flushing out body waste. This veggie is high in Vitamin C, so while it’s no taste sensation, celery’s quite the immune system booster. Celery also contains a chemical compound called pthalides, which helps to relax the muscles around the heart. This in turn helps to lower blood pressure. Pthalides also lower “bad” cholesterol levels. And celery has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in the treatment of certain diseases, like arthritis.

2. Brussels Sprouts
In liquid form, it’s easier to absorb the sprouts’ xeno-estrogen and compound weight inhibitors. These sprouts are effective appetite suppressants. Say sulphotransferase enzymes three times fast. Or even just once. These enzymes can destroy DNA produced within white blood cells. But not if Brussels sprouts has anything to say about it! The sprouts block these “evil” enzymes, protecting the very building blocks of life. Yay, sprouts! Three cheers too, for Brussels sprouts’ anti-inflammatory properties. The sprouts also keep “bad” cholesterol levels down. These sprouts also offer Vitamins A, E, C, and magnesium. And cancer research indicates that these little green guys can both fight and prevent bladder, breast, colon, lung, prostate, and ovarian cancer.

3. Lemon
Lemon juice lowers your body’s blood sugar, leading to weight loss. And forget prunes! Regular drinking of lemon juice or lemon water is a very effective bowel cleanser and can improve regularity. Lemon’s high vitamin C content boosts the body’s immune system, preventing colds, flus, and that dratted scurvy. Got intestinal worms? Not if you’re drinking lemon juice! And in addition to worm busting, lemon juice kills the bacteria that causes lethal diseases like malaria, cholera, diphtheria, and typhoid.

4. Kale
Kale’s high fiber content means that things move right along in and out of your body, making it a diuretic dream. Kale also acts as an appetite suppressant. And one of this vegetable’s secret weapons, glucosinolate isothiocyanate, prevents the formation of bacteria that causes gastric cancer. Kale has been shown to be helpful in preventing and treating other cancers, like prostate and ovarian cancer. And kale’s anti-inflammatory properties help to treat and prevent diseases like asthma and arthritis.

5. Ginger
It acts as an appetite suppressant and as a digestive aid. Ginger juice is an effective treatment for both morning and motion sickness. This herb has been shown in studies to kill ovarian cancer cells, and inhibit cancer cell growth in the colon. Ginger is an old remedy for upset tummies, and it can be effective for quieting migraine pan as well.